Top 10 Great Photography Websites You Need to Follow as a Photographer

A lot of people are fond of photography, so finding great photography websites for your hobby is a must. Today the high-quality photo cameras are available for everyone who want to take some pictures, no matter are you a photographer or an amateur. Everyone wants to become a photographer once in a while. For some people this desire ends with buying a camera, but for the others photography becomes the greatest passion. A talent is not enough in order to become a professional photographer.

You should have a passion for the photography, to live with a camera in your hands and even sleep with it. If you have a job you are crazy about than you’ll succeed for sure. But besides a talent as well as a passion about the photography you should also improve your skills and knowledge to stay up to date. Today I’d like to share with you 10 great websites that you need to have in your RSS before I call you a true photographer.

1. Digital Photography School (DPS)


Digital Photography School (DPS)

This website will surely help you to use an ordinary digital camera and take a good pictures. DPS is a large photographers community of all experience level which have come together to share, learn and grow in the understanding of photography. With their tips you’ll get the most of your digital camera. There are a lot of tutorials and tricks to make your photography skills better.

2. Cambridge in Color


Cambridge in Color

Cambridge in Color is a leading community for photographers. It contains a huge number of tools, tutorials and techniques to learn the art of photography. Don’t hesitate to use a searching box in order to find what you need.

3. 500px



If you start browsing this website, you would never end. 500px is an amazing world of the most beautiful photos from around the world. Brose “Popular” to see the most voted-on photos. Create an account or sign up with Facebook or Twitter to easily access everything you need. You can add your photos here or create a flow of pictures in order to know the opinion of other photographers.

4. Pop Photo



Here you’ll find everything you need to know about the photography from beginning to end. Pop Photo is photo and tips sharing website. You’ll find many tips, photography, news, reviews and much more here.

5. DP Review


DP Review

The main mission of this website is to provide the most quality reviews, fullest news, reports and database of consumer digital cameras in the world. There is active and open forum and tools for the community. Digatal Photography Review was created in 1998. From the simple beginnings it grew to include all these interesting things. It has 7 millions unique visitors per a month, it means that it’s a truly good website. Warm welcome to new visitors.

6. The Digital Picture


The Digital Picture

In the very beginning this website was found as a online-store of photos. But then it has changed the direction to one based on equipment selection with teaching intermixed. So, passion for the photography and technology are mixed here.

7. Model Mayhem


Model Mayhem

It is the number one portfolio website for the photographers and models. Create an account, upload you photos and connect simply with the other specialists. Model Mayhem is a website where the modeling community have an opportunity to get together, debate and collaborate.

8. ImprovePhotography



ImprovePhotography is a community for the photographers all around the globe. There you’ll find tips, techniques and articles for both beginners and professionals. There are also online classes, guides, portrait and flash photography tricks. Don’t pass this good website by.

9. iPhoneography



With the appearance of iPhone it’s become popular to take the shots with its help. So, it’s an art to take a good pictures with the iPhone. This is a great resource for those who are related to iPhone photography. iPhoneography Blog’s goal to provide people with useful reviews. There is a forum here as well, so you can join this community.

10. PhotoDoto



PhotoDoto will answer all your photography-related questions for sure. Here you’ll find a lot of awesome things that your camera can do, get the professional answers on your questions and meet friendly people who are passionate about the photography as you are.


So, I hope this brief description of the websites will help you to find a really useful stuff. Feel free to share your thoughts or just say “hello” in the comment section below.

Written by Nancy Young

Nancy Young is an ambitious and extraordinary writer. She is a part of PhotoDoto Team. Get a new eBook about landscape photography for free - one useful gift just for visiting!


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