6 Employer Branding Strategies to Recruit and Retain the Best

The average hiring process now takes 23 days. That’s almost five work weeks that your team has to spend away from integral and important projects.

As a result, it’s easy to lose momentum on projects, miss deadlines, or turn in lackluster work.

So how does a company go about creating a better hiring process? It all begins with branding that shows what your company is about.

Here are six employer branding strategies to help you find the best talent for the job.

1. Create an Employee Persona

You know that you want to attract the best talent, but what exactly does that look like? For most companies, the answer is often unclear.

To create a successful employer branding strategy, you must first define who you’re trying to attract.

This begins by creating what’s known as an employee persona. If you’ve never heard of an employee persona before, think of it as a fictional representation of your ideal employee.

Flesh out these characteristics to get a better sense of your ideal candidate:

  • Age
  • Current job title
  • Previous job experience
  • Education level
  • Desired qualities
  • Personality

These features can make creating content for your brand a lot easier. You’re no longer creating for an unknown audience, but a defined target.

2. Leverage Your Value Proposition

A value offering is anything a company can offer its employees. This includes things like paid time off, maternity leave, bonuses, and more.

84% of people said that salary, benefits, and signing bonuses were the deciding factor in choosing their current job.

Make sure you’re defining these offerings for your talent or run the risk of losing great employees to the competition.

3. Use Appropriate Channels

You’re looking for a way to connect with your audience, but your blog isn’t attracting many eyes. Your content may be fine, it could be your distribution method that needs a second look.

Ideally, a company should have an online presence anywhere their talent is. Think about the places where your employees or candidates tend to congregate online.

This often means creating company pages on social media platforms. You’ll want to create professional pages on recruitment sites like Monster and Indeed, too.

Make sure you’re maintaining brand awareness so you can keep up with the conversation.

4. Provide Opportunity

As wonderful as benefits and a good salary are, it isn’t always enough to keep high-quality talent. Many employees seek means of advancement to better themselves and further their careers.

Training, bonuses, and career advancement strategies are a great way to keep current employees happy while motivating new talent.

5. Work on Your Listings

If you’re noticing a lack of interest in your job listings, consider replacing your listings altogether. Go back and rewrite them with your current employee persona in mind.

Describe duties and expectations while highlighting your value proposition.

Be specific, too. If you’re hiring someone for a payroll position, something akin to ‘Will generate W2 form online‘ is more actionable than ‘Responsible for employee payment’.

6. Encourage Input

Talk to employees and talent alike to see how you can improve your employer branding.

Your current crop of talent may have some great tips on how to streamline processes and better appeal to new recruits. Furthermore, it shows that you’re open to critique and take an interest in listening to your employees.

Find Better Candidates Using These Six Employer Branding Strategies

In an age where talent has more choice than ever, great employer branding strategies can help set your company apart. Consider using these six strategies to find great new talent and keep the wonderful talent you already have.

And if you’re looking to build a site for your recruitment, be sure to get in touch.

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