What Makes a Good Help Desk or ITSM Software Design?

Help Desk (or IT service management) software is an excellent tool which many businesses use to help manage their IT problems. Such software has to be used by many employees and not just the IT department. What makes a good Help Desk design? Let’s explore.

Simple UI

First and foremost, you want a simple and easy to navigate
user interface. It won’t be just the IT technicians using the software and some
of your other employees might not be that tech-savvy. Therefore, the Help Desk
interface needs to be simple for everyone to use. It should not matter if you
are the IT specialist or someone whose only contact with a computer is at work.
You should both be able to use the software for whatever you personally need it
to do.

More Complex Infrastructure

While the UI needs to be simpler, the tasks the Help Desk
can handle can be much more complex. Many Help Desks have some form of
self-service protocols which help employees work out minor problems without the
help of an IT technician. The program needs to be able to analyse the problem
and suggest a solution while providing clear and easy to follow instructions
for the customer.

Likewise, the system also needs to track problems and be able to produce reports. Collecting data such as this will have an overall benefit to the business and will help the technicians deal with problems faster. With the right technology behind them, your team will be able to focus on preventing issues just as much as solving them.

Smart Ticketing

One of the best ways to manage a Help Desk is with ticketing. This is a service which collects all the requests for help and organises them by priority and need. It is an invaluable service which your Help Desk software needs to take full advantage of. Systems like SysAid don’t just organise the tickets into ones of highest priority. They are also able to keep your customers fully informed at all time about how their inquiry is progressing. Communication like this is key to ensure that customers know exactly what to expect and are fully satisfied with the solution they are offered.

Multiple Services

A good Help Desk design should have many more functions than just the ones used for solving technical issues. You ideally want to find a service which can also offer user account management and remote control. The right software can even reset passwords or allow a technician to remote access the computers they need to work on. Everything the service does should help you move towards a much more functional workspace for all. A Help Desk is a fantastic piece of multifunctional software which can provide a lot of relief to certain areas of your business. If you are searching for the best ways to improve your productivity while also resolving IT problems and improving infrastructure, you may want to consider implementing a Help Desk.

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