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List of Best Photo Editing and Designing Software and their Uses

In today’s world where everyone is so image-centric and are very careful about what photos of themselves they post online, it is important to know about a few software that can help them in editing the photos and giving it a few finishing touches and designing the texture and color combinations in such a way that it enhances the photo and take it to another level. There is hardly anyone out there who posts their original photos. Whether it is good or bad depends on everyone’s thought process, but one thing is certain that this phenomenon is on the rise and one should at least know how to do it.

Best Photo Editing and Designing Software

There are a lot of things that one can achieve by editing and design the images.
Some of them are:

List of Usage / Features Must-Use for Photo Editing Software


You have been clicked beautifully by your friend, but there is one unknown person in the photo and is completely ruining it. With the help of a suitable app and beginner skills, you can easily crop him out of your photo and use it on various platforms and bask in all the praises.

Increasing the resolution:

A photo may have been clicked beautifully, but its resolution may be quite low. With the help of the right software and skills, you can increase the resolution of the photo by adjusting the pixels and other technical things.

Brighten the image:

A photo may appear dark because of the lighting. One can change the brightness of a photo by editing it with the help of a suitable image editing software.

Making posters:

These days, there are lots of movements and struggles are going on to achieve a thing or two. To popularize the idea of the movement among the people, one can always take help of the posters which is a pictorial representation of your idea. It is very aptly said that “a picture says a thousand words”. To make the audience understand your struggle without saying a single word is an art and can be achieved by having proper editing and designing skills.

After knowing the needs of editing and designing, one thing that every one of us realizes that apart from having some basic idea about the different properties of a photo, one should also know about the various software as well that will help one in doing various things with the photo. An ideal software is the one that gives all the facilities to the user and has an easy to understand user interface so that the user faces no difficulties while using it.

List of Recommended Photo Editing Software

Photoshop is a name we all have come across at some point in our life. It is arguably the most famous and well-known photo enhancing and designing software in this world, having some great features. Some of the best software out there that helps the user in easily doing the editing and designing are:


The fact that this software is available free of cost and is an open source project makes it one of a kind. The software in its current state has lots of functions and features that even the premium software isn’t able to provide. The software is loaded with wonderful tools giving you a lot of editing options. The user interface of the software is similar to that of the Photoshop, making it easier to understand and use. It is available on all the major operating systems, Windows, Mac OS and Linux as well.


A software for those looking to get started with photo editing and designing. The software is loaded with enough tools to give the user a feeling of doing something meaningful and not just adding random filters to the photo. The software has undergone a lot of makeover in the past years and has enough features to make one an expert in editing.


This software is branded for the beginners, but the end result is better than the level of experts. The software is loaded with specialized tools and can make any image turn on its head if the user knows how to use the feature. The interface of the software is not easy to understand and one may have to spend some time on the software before understanding it fully so that they can use it to its full capacity and capability.


So, these are some of the software that can be used in order to edit photos and design a poster or photo. Some of the software is free of cost and one can try to learn about that software before going for a premium software. One should be well aware of the basic of photo editing so that they are able to actually make a difference and not just turn out to be someone who edits photos without even knowing what s/he is doing half of the time.

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