6 Ways Technology Helps Prevent Burnout

Why do we allow technology to make life difficult? Shouldn’t human inventions make life better?

Industrialization and technological advances have resulted in a competitive society. In 2017 speed is of the essence. You’re probably one of the people rushing to keep up.

If you keep at it too long you know you face burnout. When this happens you can come to an emotional and physical standstill.

Prevent Burnout with Technology

Long before you reach that stage you need to identify and deal with the problem.

Do you know of everything that can make your life easier? And this is why I love technology. The technological age is hectic. But technology will also help you deal with it.

1. Work When You’re not at Work

A busy schedule and traffic are two main components of people’s stress levels. Who wants to waste time in a car while your to do list haunts your mind?

Luckily more businesses allow people to work from home. Less people sit in traffic because they don’t have to leave their homes to work.

Online applications allow meetings to continue while employees connect via audio or video.

It’s much easier to schedule your day when traffic isn’t an issue. You can get more done which once again lowers stress.

2. Management Applications

Technology helps prevent burnout by making management easier. Management applications become platforms team members all work on.

When a team dynamically uses an app it reduces tension:

  • You’ll find less misunderstanding because communication happens on the app. Without hearsay there are no fights. Everyone’s clear on the details.
  • Managers can allocate work to individuals or teams with available capacity. Workers are less overworked because managers can view their available time and resources. A more balanced work schedule leads to less stress and exhaustion.
  • It’s amazing how a shift in method impacts people’s stress levels. Most employees are used to schedule meetings and shifts manually. Why not do this online? You’ll feel more inclined because you don’t have to fill in excessive paperwork. You can manage a personal crisis the moment it happens. It’s done via your Smartphone so you don’t have to wait for a meeting to discuss it while your stress levels build.

When technology empowers you to create a balance at work and home you’re winning the battle.

3. Enhanced Communication

Technology enhanced the way we communicate. Some argue it makes communication less personal. I beg to differ.

More Support

Your team will experience less burnout if they experience support from employers and colleagues. Modern communication channels increase the ways you communicate with team members.

Private messaging is beneficial for personal matters. Public displays of support and appreciation—such as website posts about employee news—reaffirm employees’ value and support network.

Make Their Voices Matter

Burnout can result from a loss of purpose. If your opinion doesn’t matter you may wonder why you sacrifice time and energy.

Communication channels offer employees more ways to give feedback and voice concerns. This can be on an in-house platform.

Employers or managers can reply and take opinions into account. These actions show employees they’re valued and make a difference.


People are made to socialize. We have an inherent need to connect and interact.

Of course a company’s employees can’t sit and talk all day. But there are ways of working socializing elements into a company’s schedule. Technology makes it all possible.

Social Media

Employees should form part of a company’s social media campaigns. Interaction with clients and the public can promote your online image while it adds purpose to each employee’s role.

Interaction with clients remind employees why they’re doing their job. Realizing purpose is an excellent way to prevent burnout.

Online chats

Many management apps offer online chat features. When employees sit in unstimulating cubicles all day this communication is a life line.

No employer wants employees on social media and texting platforms all day. Keeping employees on this in-house platform affords employers a manner of control while making the workplace less clinical.

Applications Promoting Health

Applications offer solutions for almost any imaginable problem.

Burnout is a huge challenge in the job market. No wonder you can find so many options to help you manage stress.

Meditation Apps

Any therapist will advise stressed individuals to meditate. I refer to meditation as a way to clear your mind and become calm. It helps deal with a day’s stress so you don’t carry it into the next day. Keeping stress pent up will certainly result in burnout.

There are many ways to approach such a process. You’ll find an app for any aspect you want to add to your meditation sessions:

  • Music: Music apps can play your favorite songs or calming sounds that are perfect to unwind to. You can even use white noise. This is proven an excellent way to block out stressors.
  • Breathing: Sometimes you need a coach to tell you what to do. Breathing exercises help people relax. An app with a recorded voice will tell you exactly how to do it.
  • Journaling: Deposit your concerns in written or graphic form in an online journal. This is a proven method to lower stress. When you know what upsets you, you can deal with it easier.

Health Apps

Half the solution is knowing there’s a problem.

Your heart rate will quickly tell you whether you’re heading for a burnout. Do you keep record of your health?

Health apps help you:

  • Determine your pulse
  • See how much exercise you get
  • Help you keep track of your calorie intake

You can act on your body’s signals long before you reach a stage of burnout. Apps help you gather accurate statistics.

Applications that Empower

When employees struggle completing certain tasks technology must have an answer. Have you explored all the ways applications synced with a website can make responsibilities happen easier?

Applications can minimize mistakes and help you get more done. You’re moving away from burnout instead of towards.


Avoid Burnout

Chances are if you have a job your stress levels are high. You may not be in an ideal position now. Make sure you never have to find out what burnout feels like.
Technology can help you regulate your life better. Find more balance and ways to counter your challenges.

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