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6 Graphic Design Trends that Should Guide Your Website Layout

As web development has evolved, so has internet search behavior. Today people can distinguish an outdated website design and this can affect conversion. Therefore, it’s always important to follow current graphic design trends when it comes to your website.
Most graphic designers want to create unique and innovative design elements. But it’s also up to them to know what is in vogue with regard to web design.

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Implementing current design trends into your website layout will help you remain competitive in today’s online market. Don’t lose out on traffic as a result of an outdated design.

To keep you up to date, let’s look at some current trends in graphic design.

1. Colors That Get Attention

When it comes to web design, catching a person’s eye is vital. Using vibrant colors that make the layout of a web page pop is one of the big graphic design trends this year.

It’s no longer good enough to settle for dull or flat color schemes. If your website doesn’t evoke an instant visual response, you may need to spice it up with some bold colors.

Just remember not to go crazy with your choices. Add bright colors sparingly to give your site some extra attitude without distracting from the content.

2. Custom Photography

Online content is increasing exponentially. That means that the need for imagery is increasing as well. But stock images have become overused and generic.

It’s better to incorporate quality custom photography when adding images to web pages. Searchers are sick of seeing the same stock photo used over and over. Providing custom photos allows you to thread your individual style into your brand.

3. Bold Text Styles

Because people’s attention spans are short while browsing the internet, it’s important to make headlines and captions stand out. Doing this will keep the reader’s attention and also help with better SEO results when needed. Fanatically Digital offers search marketing options if you need additional help.

Many news websites are employing these bold and stylish text fonts to their headlines. Take a cue from them and get bold with your headlines.

4. Asymmetric Layouts

In an attempt to find new ways of displaying a web page, designers have begun to create asymmetrical layouts. This throws off the balance just enough to be interesting without distracting the user.

By dividing the composition of a web page down the middle, designers break traditional rules of symmetry. This subtle imbalance has been met with positive response.

5. Cinemagraphs

These very simple yet effective images have caught on in a big way this year. Cinemagraphs are images with a very small moving element added to them. These are not your traditional gifs, but something much more elegant.
By adding a small amount of motion to an image, cinemagraphs can capture the movement of time and make an image come alive. The great thing about these images is that they don’t overwhelm the user.

6. Minimal Design

This is one of the graphic design trends that keeps getting reinvented. Minimalism in a web layout brings a very refined and sleek feel. It’s also a great approach when content is the centerpiece of the page.
In minimal design, space is used to create an atmosphere that breathes a little easier. It can also employ those vibrant colors that are popular this year. Just remember that openness is the key here.

Graphic Design Trends Helping Conversion

There’s a lot to keep up within the ever-changing world of graphic design.
What worked in the past has likely already transformed into something else. Conversion depends on staying current on what users react to.

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