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Branding, Identity & Logo Design Explained

A logo is not your brand’s personality nor your brand’s image. When it comes to logo design, brand’s identity design and branding all three terms are different and have different meanings and significance. Have you ever thought that if ever people ask you about the difference between logo design and branding what your answer would be because most of us confuse it with the same thing though it is actually different? No? Then you have come to the right place we will the difference between three of them in this blog.

Let’s start with the logo first, a professional logo design is the main thing your customer will know about you and your company. Your logo tells clients what they can anticipate from your organization. A logo design is blend of images, fonts, designs and styles that help your company to represent itself. A unique logo design is the image of your company which speaks about your organization or business. A professional logo design is basically a piece of an effective brand, and likewise, has been deliberately made to portray the story and the message of your company to its potential customers. Professional logo designs are absolutely pivotal for enormous brands that contend on a national or worldwide scale. On the off chance that you see an apple, swoosh design or a U design… you know precisely which organizations they speak to.A brisk look at a good business logo design, and it will create some expectations and feelings about your company in a customer’s mind either good or bad. Notwithstanding its little size, a logo is in charge of various imperative capacities that decide your organization’s prosperity. It’s the primary thing your potential clients see when making an image of your brand in their minds. A professional logo design guarantees that your items emerge through their one of a kind highlights and favourable circumstances. Whether walking on roads and seeing symbols representing different organizations or scrolling your mobile phone’s screen and seeing modern logo design on internet from app icons like a camera for Instagram or a ghost to represent snapchat a professional logo design is one of the main marketing assets. According to psychology people look for visuals and respond to them first which is why it is often said that while making a logo the psychology of hues should be kept in mind. For example yellow represents happiness and acceptance and attracts the customers towards itself while red is the colour of danger and love. In order to make a modern logo design professionals look into different types which are discussed below


A logotype includes only the name of the logo typed by using different fonts there are no symbols used, no emblems and graphic designs. What comes in your mind when you think of any business logo design which has only fonts in it? Yes you guessed them right GOOGLE, COCACOLA, VISA.



Visa logo



Graphic designs and symbols

If you want to make a unique logo design then using graphics and symbols is the best idea. It is an essential element that makes your logo smart and professionally designed. What does your mind hits up on when you think of any logo which has only symbol? A blue bird used by twitter or a bitten apple used by the apple company? You again guessed it right.


Many companies with long organization names use this technique of building a business logo design. For example NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)

Abstract logo

This logo technique is used to make geometrical and symmetrical logo designs which includes the use of circles, square or rectangle lines or any other kind you can think of. When it comes to abstract logo design the only limitation is your fantasy. For example the Pepsi logo and logo for Adidas. When creating a business logo design it should be kept in mind that a logo should be creative and simple enough to attract clients towards itself.

Now let’s talk about branding and brand identity

Branding is basically the moves or efforts you make to manufacture a specific picture of your organization. While brand identity is the accumulation of unmistakable brand components that together make one brand picture. It is the thought of many people that only few elements like colours, business logo design or some products combine to make a brand but this is much more difficult and complicated to think of. It wouldn’t be wrong to say a brand a “corporate image”.  The central thought having a ‘corporate image’ is that everything an organization does, all that it claims and all that it produces ought to mirror the qualities and points of the business all in all. It is not simply brand logo or some hues you can call it the consistency of this centre idea that makes up an organization. Your brand is what your clients think of your organization.  Despite the fact that it’s extremely your clients who choose what your image is, there are unquestionably moves you can make as an entrepreneur to place yourself in the driver’s seat.A brand picture is contained each experience an individual has with that organization, individual, item or administration. Making an effective and engaging brand requires legitimate procedure, situating, promoting and informing to interest an organization’s objective market. Eventually a brand is shaped by the gathering of people—the clients, in view of not simply the technique, situating, promoting and logo made by an office, yet the conduct, morals, and estimations of the organization too.Eventually a brand is shaped by the gathering of people—the clients, in view of not simply the technique, promoting and logo made by an office, yet the conduct, morals, and estimations of the organization too. At the point when a client feels in a state of harmony with an organization, it is an enthusiastic bond, an association dependent on shared vision and qualities. Wrapping it all a brand, identity and a logo makes up an organization.

Written by Frank Borg

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