Five Things to Avoid in Making Logo Designs

When you think about some of the largest companies out there, one thing that they share is the fact they have a unique and highly-recognizable logo. Companies such as Apple, Nike, and Walmart all have very powerful logo designs that customers not only recognize, but then associate with the type of products those companies have to offer.

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Now here’s the thing, even these massive companies mentioned started out small at some point and they had to decide what their logo would look like and what it would convey to customers. There’s a good chance that the design wasn’t just created on a whim, rather it involved thought, planning, and even a little research on their target audience.

If you’re in the process of creating a company logo, or are about to tackle the process, then there are a few things you’re going to want to avoid doing. These mistakes can end up throwing your design off the rails, leaving you with something that isn’t effective in the least. Here’s a look at five things you’ll want to avoid when making a logo design.

Don’t Assume You Can Do It All on Your Own

While it would be great to sit down with a pen and paper and instantly have a lightbulb moment and come up with the “perfect” logo design, in reality this isn’t the norm. Unless you are a creative person by nature, and have some background in design, then there’s a good chance you’re going to struggle to come up with an idea. So rather than make the mistake of thinking you can do it all on your own, go ahead and enlist some help.

Companies such as Oneout Creative are able to help entrepreneurs and small businesses come up with customised and effective logo designs. Professional designers understand what will stand out from the competition.

Don’t Get Too Artsy

There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking a creative approach to your logo design and trying to create something that is unique and speaks to your brand. However, you want to be sure you don’t cross the line and end up with something that is too “artsy”. Customers need to be able to see the logo, understand what it is, and the message it is trying to convey.

Don’t Use Hard to Read Font

Choosing the right font is another ingredient in creating an effective logo. Again, the focus needs to be on ease of understanding so customers shouldn’t be squinting and trying to figure out what the letters are.

Don’t Use Current Trends for Inspiration

A pitfall many businesses can end up falling into is relying on current trends. Perhaps there is a company logo that is really trending at the moment, so you make the assumption that you can use that trend and design something that is similar. The thing about trends is that they come and go, and you don’t want your logo being placed in that category. A logo should be unique,rather than part of the crowd.

Don’t Forget Who Your Client/Audience Is

The final tip is to always remember who your client and target audience is. You are designing a logo that appeals to them, not for anyone else.

Each of these mistakes are ones that can steer you off course when it comes to your logo design, so being aware of them will help your design to be more effective.

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