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How Your Logo Can Make Or Break Your New Company

A logo is a vital part of your company’s branding. It visually represents the essence and graphically cplays the overall identity of the company. The entire purpose of a logo is to brand your business to become iconic and be instantly recognizable. The logo and the success of your company can go hand in hand but, a good logo is hard to find and an iconic one is almost as rare a blue moon, so you need to ardingmake your logo memorable. A logo can literally make or break your new company and here is how.

Establishing an iconic design

Take a look at the infamous golden arch of McDonald’s or the widely known Coca Cola logo. These two logos aren’t just easily recognizable, it is also recognized by most of the world population. So when you think about it, what makes these logos iconic? It couldn’t just be because these companies are widely successful and because they have been around for a long time. So these logos must be effective because they are distinct, appropriately designed and graphically appealing. When a company brands their logo well, the logo brands the company effectively. Hence, the logo and the brand of the company are two sides of a coin.

Knowing your audience

Before you brand your logo, you need to decide the demographic that you are looking to attract. If your company is branding products for children, then it is best for you to decide on a colorful and enticing logo because children are usually drawn to bright and exciting things. But if you are trying to sell a product for an older demographic, it is better to use simple and even minimalistic designs. For instance, the Apple logo is practical and very concise with their message. A more sophisticated logo is perfect for luring in young adults and millennials as it looks more chic and most put together.

Choosing the right color

The color of your logo can sometimes define the color scheme of your advertisements and products. If you choose colors for your logo that are distinct and visually appealing then your products and branding will follow suit. This will help promote your company and establish an iconic logo. This is evident with the blue and white on the Facebook logo as the two colors reoccur throughout the website.

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Understanding company relevance

The logo of your company should represent some part of the company, be it a graphical representation of your company’s name or the product that you sell, the logo should define the company’s branding. For instance, the Twitter logo is a bird which is relevant to its name and service, so it becomes easily recognizable. But in unusual cases, even if the logo is not directly relevant to the company’s branding, it can even represent the history and origin of the company. This is applicable to the mermaid/siren logo of Starbucks that represents seafaring adventure of Seattle, the founding place of the company.

Creating an original and unique logo

The most important thing that you must remember while making your logo is to make sure that it is one of a kind. Similar logos have a tendency to confuse the customer and it can also make your company be easily forgettable. A creative and unique logo will catch the audience’s eye and ensure that they do not mistake it for another company’s logo.

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Now that you know what to do to make a logo that stands out, here is what you shouldn’t do.

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Discarding unoriginal and uninteresting slogans

Most logos come with a slogan or a tagline and this is a component that can make or break your company’s identity. You can work towards making an impactful logo by creating a slogan that isn’t cliched or cringe worthy. Making sure that your slogan is witty and relevant will help you create a lasting impact.

Avoiding childish and messy logos

A logo should be simple and easy to recognize. Minimalistic designs are all the rage these days so it is important that you make your logo concise and clean cut. But this can be according to your company’s branding but usually messier and louder logos have a tendency to look childish and mangled.

Using a stock photo or clip art

Using a ready made photograph or image can be the simplest way to find a logo for your company. But this makes your logo look poorly prepared and undignified. It lacks authenticity which degrades the company’s overall reputation as well. Using a common template for your logo will also prevent it from being effective and memorable as it will be very generic.

So, there you have it, the good, the bad and the ugly dos and don’ts to creating a winning logo. This guide is designed with all that you need to know about how logos can make or break your company.

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