12 World’s Best Green Building Eco Cities Design Architecture

The Earth only has one life, but with the endless streams of pollution, our future is being threatened. To help Mother Nature recover, here are various organizations going green.

Founded on the idea of creating a space for plants in the midst of cities can help reduce the effects of pollution. Green buildings not only do that, but they can also assist in moderating temperature, conserving water, and providing better indoor environment.

Among the green buildings we have seen, these 12 stand out for their alluring designs:

Living Roof

This expansive green building is the property of the California Academy of Sciences in the USA, one of the largest natural history museums of the world. It features a roof of rolling hills and fields, in which weather stations, solar panels, and biodegradable vegetation trays are embedded.

Adelaide Zoo

Lists: Green Building Eco Cities

Home to 2500 animals and 250 exotic and native species, this Australian park is a haven for animal lovers. Trying to create a more natural transition between the outside city and the park’s wildlife, the Adelaide Zoo Entrance Precinct incorporates a series of interlinked forecourts spanning 2,000 square meters. It’s linked directly to cafes and several exhibits, including the Giant Panda Forest.

Nanyang Technological University

One of the largest autonomous universities in Singapore, NTU is not only commended for its excellence but also its mesmerizing green roof. Sitting on top of the university’s three curved and connected buildings, it creates a perfect balance between function and design. It features glass walls, cement-sand screed floors, and timber railings.

Vertical Living Gallery

Many green architectural designs focus on covering the roofs with plants, but not this Thailand gallery. Using two walls forming its trapezoid building, the Vertical Living Gallery features stainless steel crates that alternate between glass and native plants. The building is currently being used as an office and showroom for apartments on sale.

ACROS Fukuoka

Lists: Green Building Eco Cities

Featuring a beautiful 15-step green terrace, this Japanese building offers a solution to developers’ need for profitable use of a site and the public’s need for open green space. Its outer design is reminiscent of natural hills while the inside is fully modern, as ACROS Fukuoka houses an exhibition hall, a museum, a proscenium theater, and more.

Living School and Gymnasium

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From an automobile factory, this French building is turned into a green-roofed school and gymnasium. The Renault Factory design is aimed not only at helping local flora grow but also for local fauna to visit, making children’s study time a more relaxing and enriching experience.

Vertical Forest

The high-rise residential building industry is booming, but with it comes the loss of more planting space. Creating a compromise between and balancing the two, an Italian architect conceived the Vertical Forest (Bosco Verticale). This project is composed of two buildings, which lends a total area of 40,000 square meters to trees, shrubs, and floral plants.

Naman Retreat

Reminiscent of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the Naman Retreat in Vietnam features vertical facades propagated by various climbing plants. The design is created to produce a relaxing environment and establish a connection with nature.

Vent Vert

A predecessor to Italy’s Vertical Forest, Japan’s Vent Vert masterfully injects diverse green patchworks into the curved residential building to enliven both the immediate surrounding and adjacent commercial spaces.


Connecting with nature is a great way to get inspiration for art. With that in mind, the Zentro design center in Peru was created. The sculpture-like courtyard facade was made with recycled wood with gaps wherein different greenery were carefully and naturally inserted.

One Central Park

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Voted the “Best Tall Building in the World” by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, One Central Park in Australia has everything you might need—apartments, shops, and offices, with the lining street occupied by restaurants, bars, and boutiques.

Namba Parks

A sprawling commercial complex in Osaka, Japan, Namba Parks has a dynamic rooftop garden featuring clusters of trees, rocks, and cliffs as well as an array of ponds, waterfalls, and terraces encased in gorgeous curved wooden paths.

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