Top 15 Professional WordPress Theme Crafters to Watch Closely

When it comes to professional website platforms, WordPress stands at the top of the list. But with numerous theme makers to choose from, who should you pick?

WordPress themes are highly in-demand for their gorgeous and easily customizable designs. However, as they become more popular, more artists are also stepping forward to appeal to your senses and your wallet. Given the thousands of artists on Theme Forest alone, finding one that truly matches your unique preferences can be difficult.

Nonetheless, to give you a head start, we suggest that you take a look at these 15 promising WordPress theme crafters:


Lists: 15 WordPress Theme Crafters to Watch Closely

Slick and modern best describe this artist’s work. Colors are kept to a minimum while photos and images are smartly placed to catch and guide the visitor’s eyes throughout the page. ThemeGoods currently features six designs: Photography, Photome, Vega, Meteors, Letsblog, Rigel, Grand Restaurant, Altair, and Constructor.


Devoted to creating responsive, slider designs, the OWMLab themes incorporate minimal elements that allow visitors to completely focus on the images presented. Both its KingSize WordPress theme and HTML template are claimed to be the number one photo templates.

Edge Themes

True to its name, this designer’s themes are edgy. Sans fonts and engaging layouts are primarily used to create a balance between the vivid images and the simple types. Edge Themes currently offers four bright and stylish themes, namely, Hudson, Homa, Vigor, and Tactile.


Combining uncommon lines with traditional shapes, the themes from this designer come out cool and inspiring. The splash of colors further helps in creating a fun aura for the two themes—Case and Parasponsive—that Serzh offers both in one-page and responsive CSS formats.

Your Inspiration

Compared to the four previous designers, Sara P offers a wider range of themes. With an emphasis on smart image placement and use of white space, Your Inspiration delivers clean and neatly appealing designs. At the moment, Sara offers 13 themes, all of which are aimed at creating professional e-commerce sites.


Lists: 15 WordPress Theme Crafters to Watch Closely 2

Multi-purpose themes that provide endless variations are the speciality of this designer. Artillegence utilizes clean designs and combines it with excellent stylers and builders to help consumers create unique websites that perfectly matches their needs and objectives.


Some people think flashy is the way to go when it comes to creating websites, but that’s a misconception. The classy WordPress theme designs from Pexeto will make you realize that elegant and adaptable are the right choice. At the moment, Pexeto offers 12 stunning themes, most of which are responsive.


Focused on clean and responsive designs, Brankic1979 offers a selection of themes for professionals and businesses. Depending on the theme you actually choose, you may get several layouts, post formats, and shortcodes among others.


With such a rad name, you can guarantee that this designer brings chic themes to the table. Browsing through the classic layouts and bold colors, you won’t be disappointed to see the alluring and efficient one-page responsive designs RockNRollaDesigns offers.

Select Themes

Like Artillegence, Select Themes focus on multi-purpose designs. However, this designer leans toward contemporary styles that put images front and center and then adorns them with decorative types. With some splash of colors, the themes look fun and upbeat.

Qode Interactive

Another multi-purpose theme lover, Qode doesn’t stick with a specific style or layout for the designs. Some of the themes it offers are retina-ready, others are geared for businesses and professionals, and others still are made to reflect creative personalities.


Lists: 15 WordPress Theme Crafters to Watch Closely 3

Variety is the spice of life, and that seems to be the design life motto of Veented. The WordPress themes from this designer differ not only in formats and colors but also styles. On offer is an array of cool and bright layouts made into one-page, responsive, and multi-purpose themes.


Favoring clean designs, BeantownThemes mostly offers themes that exude simplicity and professionalism. While appearing plain, the themes are flexible and, depending on your choice, may come with beautiful sliders and powerful builders. Do check out the snazzy Chemistry theme for your portfolio or shop.

Spab Rice

What fuels graphic designers to make eye-catching WordPress themes? Creativity, of course! And this creativity, Spab Rice wants to share through its fun and clean designs that use smart image placement, monotone colors, and simple fonts that make them adaptable for any website purpose.


What makes a website look professional and inspirational? When you visit Themeton, you will find out that it’s all about utilizing designs that draw attention and using simple fonts and color schemes that put the focus on your actual products and presentations.

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