Why You Need To Acquire The Services Of An SEO Partner For Digital Asset Optimisation

Whether you are in the publishing industry, selling products online (e-commerce) or providing services, it is vital to continuously work on optimising your digital assets to amplify your branding and Search Engine rankings to make sure your website and social media pages reach all potential new customers or clients.

It can be highly fruitful to hire a company who specialises in GMB listings, optimising and ranking websites, social media profiles, Youtube videos and other digital platforms to assist you with developing and maximising content that engages your target audience and create more traffic to your site.

Examples of digital assets that are considered for optimisation:

  • Websites (product pages, reviews, sitemaps, store location pages, category pages etc.).
  • Location data (Internet yellow pages, maps optimisation etc.).
  • Imaging (article strengthening images, product images, news images etc.).
  • Feeds (product & map data feeds etc.).
  • Press releases (corporate releases etc.).
  • Forums (for product-related discussions & other issues)
  • Blogs (business blog, listing blog etc.).
  • Videos (DIY videos, product related videos etc.).
  • Social media sites (Twitter and Facebook business pages).
  • Corporate, Industry or new release news
  • Articles (about product uses & descriptions, trends relating to the industry etc.).
  • Mobile app optimisation
  • Podcasts

Better Business Bureau


The web20ranker review on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) webpage is an accurate indication of a company’s diligence and competence to provide their clients with exceptional service when it comes to private label SEO practices, GMB optimisation and other digital marketing campaigns.

The BBB is a platform that primarily manages complaints against businesses relating to repairs, refunds or replacement of products. Customers also have the option to leave reviews on a business profile. Consumers can now easily compare businesses and based on the profile information and customer reviews it makes the process of choosing a trustworthy business a whole lot easier. Many companies claim that they can provide you with exceptional results relating to SEO, but customer reviews are always a good indication of what level of service you can expect from an SEO partner.

Pay-offs of optimising digital assets

Online marketers who are easily found on search engines and whose indexes and content are displayed in search results can experience benefits in the form of:

  • Generating more sales
  • Increased news coverage
  • More prominent public relations

By optimising and ranking websites, you are creating many opportunities for brand building online and making your services and products stand out.

The more digital assets you are optimising, the more prominent your brand will become. Social media plays a vital role in brand marketing. With a fully-optimised social profile, you can lay a strong foundation of your brand’s trust levels for search engines. An SEO partner can proficiently optimise your social media account and make sure that it effectively interlinks with the social web.


Make sure you enlist the services of an SEO partner that are knowledgeable about the latest techniques and tactics relating to digital marketing and Search Engine marketing to provide you with exceptional service when optimising your digital platforms.

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