A Free eCommerce Plugin? Here’s How the WordPress Woocommerce Features Work

If you sell products online, you need extra technology to ensure customers can purchase your products safely and effectively. You can go with many eCommerce-specific CMS platforms. But many eCommerce sellers prefer using WordPress.


Fortunately, WordPress has options for their retail clients. A popular option amongst online retailers is a free plugin called WooCommerce.


This plugin lets you sell products from your WordPress website and is packed with many benefits and features.


But what is WooCommerce? And why should all e-tailers use this plugin? Continue reading where we discuss the best WooCommerce features and all of the benefits of this plugin.

What is WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin made for eCommerce retailers. This plugin allows you to sell products and services on your WordPress website. The plugin is free and is just as effective as many retail-specific plugins and CMS platforms.


WooCommerce allows you to sell your products, manage inventory, track shipping, accept secure payments, and WooCommerce even has tax benefits. WooCommerce also supports your mobile site and mobile sales.


You can do all this while having control of 100% of your data.


By using WooCommerce, many e-tailers save money while having an efficient website. This is what makes WooCommerce the most popular eCommerce plugin.


In addition, you have many options when you need support and technical help. Many companies like WPTangerine are there when you need a helping hand.

The WooCommerce Features

Now that you know what WooCommerce is, we can take a look at the WooCommerce features. This includes:


  • Adding unlimited products and content
  • Sell any kind of products
  • Show product ratings and reviews
  • Add categories, tags, and attributes to each product
  • Enables product sorting and filtering
  • Customize your store by adding location, currency, language, and measurements
  • Geo-location for local stores
  • Embed checkout on any page
  • Offers a wide variety of shipping options
  • Different options when processing payments
  • Can manage your orders and customers


These are all of the free options. WooCommerce also comes with a slew of extensions if these features aren’t enough.

Common WooCommerce Extensions

WooCommerce extensions help you customize your store even further. Some popular WooCommerce extensions include:

Amazon and eBay Sales

Did you know you can sell on Amazon and eBay directly from WooCommerce? You can download the extension and streamline multiple stores on one platform.

Book Appointments

This extension is useful if you run a medical practice, spa, salon, or any business where you meet with clients for services. WooCommerce has a booking extension where customers can book, reserve, or even rent directly from your website.


Does your company offer a rewards program? You can extend these benefits to WooCommerce.


This extension allows members to have access to products, content, sales, and other benefits. You can choose this membership to be free or be charged.

Social Media

WooCommerce allows for social media product promotion by downloading an extension. Many e-tailers use the Facebook extension.

Google Analytics

You can easily view customer analytics on WooCommerce. WooCommerce paired with Google Analytics by creating the Google Analytics extension. You can easily view customer information, spending habits, and other useful information.


WooCommerce offers an extension to enable product add-ons during checkout. This includes gift wrapping, personalized messages, and other special options.


If email marketing is at the core of your marketing campaign, you’ll benefit from the MailChimp extension. You can easily align your email marketing into WooCommerce.

How to Get WooCommerce

Getting WooCommerce is easy! Here’s how to get started.

Get a WordPress Website and Domain Name

If you haven’t yet, sign up for a WordPress website and a domain name. You can also go through a separate hosting company with WordPress enabled.


Going through a hosting company is recommended for eCommerce websites. You’re going to need a lot of data and support, which a hosting company can provide.


From here, you’ll set up your website. Create your domain name, set up your website structure, design your site, and then you’ll be good to download WooCommerce.

Install the WooCommerce Plugin

While you’re on your WordPress C Panel, look for the tab “plugins.” Select this tab and search for WooCommerce. When you find it, select “install now.” Once it’s installed, select “activate.”


WooCommerce will ask you specific questions about your company. Some of these details include your company name, your NAP, the currency you use, the products you sell, your shipping information, and any other extra details.

How to Use WooCommerce

Once WooCommerce is successfully installed, you’ll have to know how to use it. Here’s some helpful advice.

Adding Products

WooCommerce makes it simple to add your products to your website. On the C Panel, you’ll see a “products” tab on the left side of your WordPress screen. Select this tab and select “add new.”


Here’s some product information you should add.


  • Product Name
  • Description
  • Price
  • Pictures
  • Any other useful data


WooCommerce also provides helpful information when you first start using the plugin.

Accepting Payments

WooCommerce comes with payment gateways that are optimized for many forms of payments, including PayPal. Stripe is the processor that accepts credit card payments.


But you’ll have to enable one or both options in your account. On your C Panel, go to WooCommerce – Settings – Checkout. From here, you can select which option you want to select.

Downloading Extensions

As mentioned previously, WooCommerce comes with a variety of different extensions. But finding them can be tricky.


You can find a variety of extensions on the WooCommerce website. Extensions cost anywhere between $0 and $300.


You may not know if you need extensions immediately, and that’s fine. But it’s worth it to take a look around on their website and decide which extensions sound appealing or you may want in the future.

Download WooCommerce Today!

WooCommerce has everything an eCommerce company needs to run a successful online store. There are many WooCommerce features and extensions to help any e-tailer. Download WooCommerce today!


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