Why Should Today’s Marketers Care About Conversion Rate Optimization?

Conversion rate optimization is the dynamic procedure of transfiguring, a prospective customer of your website into a potential client. The basic algorithm behind Conversion Rate Optimization is to boost the rate of clicking the link of your website by visitors. Also, CRO aims to boost your overall sale by diminishing the bounce rate of your site.

Administering and executing conversion rate optimization solely on your website’s home page is not sufficient. In fact, other aspects of your site also demand proper and quick attention, for instance:

  • Landing pages
  • Email messages
  • Relevant product pages
  • Relevant onsite content
  • Shopping cart procedure
  • Income per click ads

On commencing an online business, you need to explore infinite aspects of the online enterprise. So, availing the assistance of a service provider who can embark on directly with the conversion rate optimization strategy can be a brilliant step in augmenting your online business.

And when it comes to online marketing, then you can multiply your website’s revenue primarily by two methods:

  1. One by driving extra traffic on your relevant website thereby boosting your online business revenue.
  2. And second by enhancing the performance of your website with the existing traffic which your site was engaging previously.

Conversion rate optimization procedure pursues the second technique.

Why is Lead Page conversion rate optimization strategy worthwhile?

Availing LeadPages conversion rate optimization strategy, you can efficiently and swiftly convert your prospective customers into trustworthy, ardent and potential paying consumers, in spite of wasting your hard earned money on variant digital marketing techniques.

The basic formula of CRO is that if you increase the conversion rate by twice, then you curtail your expense per acquisition almost by half. For instance, if you currently pay out $10 to grab each client, then after applying conversion rate optimization strategy on your website and increase the conversion rate by twice, then your expense per acquisition downturns to $5 per acquisition. So at that point, you attain an edge in advancing your online business profit.

CRO – Analysing and evaluating

Additionally, CRO precisely assists you in analyzing and evaluating the overall performance of your website. Utilising this innovative strategy, you can explore the diverse methods, by which you can enhance the performance of your website, by stimulating and encouraging enormous amount of people to sign up for your products and services. Also, you can explore a hypothesis test. For executing this test, you need to develop a new version for your webpage against your present version of the webpage. Compare both the versions and check which version is more impressive in attracting a decent amount of traffic. You need to avail that version which can quickly gain the confidence of enormous crowd and can prompt them to buy what you are selling. No matter whether changes done to your website is meager or broad, any alteration can influence your online business to an overwhelming extent in just a few seconds.

And as far as CRO is concerned, then testing becomes the critical factor. By testing, you can precisely determine whether an alteration promotes increment or decrement in the intensity of conversions. A total number of tests you can finally execute are infinite. Each alteration has the potential to bias conversions, and in overtime small changes renders unprecedented results.

How is CRO crucial for business website success?

If you are an online business proprietor and possess your website, then your primary target would be to boost your conversion rate. Also, you must have observed this fact that although your website possesses decent amount of traffic, instead your site is lagging behind in achieving desired conversion rate. So you no need to worry. CRO strategy is here to resolve this online business concern effectively.

Factors which can accelerate your conversion rate

CRO is a method of doing scientific testing that facilitates you to track the performance of numerous features of your website precisely. It lets you identify which factors are generating a massive amount of revenue for your site and which features are having the potential of attaining maximum response from the crowd. The factors which can accelerate your conversion rate immediately are mentioned below-

  • Website design- Phrase “first impression is the last impression” fits best for website designing. In any website a visitor, first of all, perceives the layout of your site. In fact, website layout is such crucial feature which influences overall experience of a visitor to such extent which is beyond the range of imagination. Styles, fonts and small add-ons which you apply on your webpage, thoroughly biases the visitor’s experience. So sometimes you need to execute website conversion rate optimization technique for your website, to enhance your conversion rate.
  • Content material- From time to time you need to post product relevant fresh and updated contents. This strategy is tried and tested method, for immediately seizing the attention of the crowd.
  • Product relevant pictures and videos- Pictures and videos are such aspects of online business, which grabs the attention of crowd instantly. So frequently posting decent and captivating images of your product and informative videos can impact the way in which your website is performing.

These features mentioned above are also termed as Key Performance Indicators.

Why should you care for CRO?

For acquiring visitors on your website, you are investing money in one or other way. And a high conversion rate means a better return on your investment. Also, it is much economical to convert existing customers into paying clients than exploring a new one. And finally, it mitigates the bouncing rate of clients by quickly rendering them what they are looking for before they jump to other websites.

So if you can upgrade these features mentioned above, consistently from time to time, then you will observe ample progress in your conversion rates. And if you desire massive signups for your relevant email list, enhanced revenue for relevant products, an infinite number of calls on your contact number, instant clicks on your AdSense ads and much more, then conversion rate optimization strategy accurately guides you in this regard. This good strategy assists you in identifying, modifications you need to implement on your website, to gain maximum out of the crowd.


Written by Sujain Thomas

Sujain Thomas is a website designer with years of experience of working with eCommerce giants. She highly recommends the use of database-driven websites. Her articles can be found on

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