Top 10 : Design Jobs You Didn’t Even Know Existed

New types of jobs are being created every day and jobs in the realm of design are no exception. Whether a person’s bent is artistic or mechanical, theatrical or culinary, a unique job as a designer could be waiting.

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Speed decorator

A speed decorator is an interior and exterior designer who has a knack for quickly and economically turning a property that is unmarketable into a saleable gem. Speed decorators are often hired by brokers and homeowners to work their magic as quickly as possible, as seen on many television shows.

Vehicle modifier

Advertisements have been placed on vehicles of all types for years, but a new design area growing rapidly in popularity is advertising through vehicle modification. Vehicles are structurally altered and modified for the promotional purpose of a particular company or brand.

Personalized movie poster designer

Blending a love of film with the customization features that so many enjoy, a personalized movie poster designer creates detailed movie posters from photos and information supplied by the client.

Interaction designers

Working through all stages of a product’s development, an interaction designer works with umbrella company executives to establish specific goals for products as they are introduced. They also analyze how consumers will use the product by creating hypothetical scenarios and reviewing collected data to predict their reactions.

Roller coaster engineer

Roller coaster engineers bring skills from several different areas of engineering to their designs. Blending civil, electrical, mechanical and structural engineering, roller coaster engineers are the experts behind the elaborate ride designs, manipulating g-force without risking riders’ safety.

Sound designer

A sound designer works in a variety of entertainment and media disciplines, including film, television, theatre, post-production and video game production. They are responsible for everything related to the collection and manipulation of sound and the production of audio elements in general.

Architectural lighting designer

An architectural lighting designer designs the lighting in and around buildings. Working closely with the architect and engineers, they strive to arrange adequate light for the building’s purpose, while being mindful of costs, look and efficiency.

Theatrical lighting designer

Also known as the LD, the theatrical lighting designer works with the director and other members of a theatrical production team to create atmosphere and illuminate a stage production. Using the text of the play as a guide, they design with an eye towards set and actor visibility, safety and production costs.

Curriculum designer

A curriculum designer brings together a variety of learning materials from all areas of education, creating a structured guide for the use of educators in classrooms. Specialized areas within curriculum design include elementary, intermediate and high school, college, adult education, online learning and home schooling.

Food stylist

Combining culinary art and science, food stylists prepare and present food so that it can be photographed in an appetizing way. Advertising agencies, book publishers and film and television producers all make use of food stylists. A degree from a culinary school provides the aesthetic and scientific knowledge necessary to effectively do this job.

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