30 Skull Logos Designs to Inspire and Frighten You!

The human skull ? is an instantly recognizable and icon image, so no wonder that it often gets used as the basis for a skull logo. It can be simplified, to create an abstract shape perfect for logo design, or embellished to be anything from funny to dark and morbid.

The symbology of the skull is complex and comes from many different cultures. It is often the representation of death and mortality. In design we take symbols to represent a larger meaning or idea. Culturally it is important to understand this as you design your work. The skull can also mean much more than death. Sometimes it is used as a symbol of rebellion as in the Harley Davidson skull logo or a pirate flag. In 2010 we saw skulls become a fashion trend as Alexander McQueen used them in his work.


Cabeza de Lápiz

Cabeza de Lápiz Logo


logo challenge 1

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Starcom Entertainment

Skull Island

Skull Logo WIP

ornate black skull logo

Basketball Skull

Victor Melendez

Yellow Skull

orange skull logo

Tis The Season

Drink Beer Ear Asphalt

Dead Barber

Black Magic Skull Logo

Design Bros

Calender Skull

Modern Fossil

Radoslav Slavnic

Rebel Couture

Dead Rabbit

Boris Tattoo


Sick Snowboards

Deadshot Media

Skull Photography


West Skulls


This dapper looking skull comes complete with a top hat!

Pencil Skull

Game Over


Innovolabs incorporates a beaker coming out of the top of the cranium!


The gearhead logo uses two wrenches instead of bones under the skull.

Sugar Skull


logo challenge 2

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Hopefully, these spooky skulls didn’t scare you too much, but inspired you to get a bit dark and morbid on your next logo project! For even more skull logo ideas I would check out dribble. These skull logos span from ornate to simple and from flat to textured. It’s always great to see the wide breadth of designs that can come from one concept.

Please share your favorite skull designs in the comments below!

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