Quick Tips On Making Your Website Design More Polished

When it comes to improving design, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by too many options. Your web design needs to look different from what your competitors else is doing. There are a ton of awesome resources online that you can read up on to understand how to enhance your design to make it look more professional. But, what if you don’t have the luxury of time and needed to make some quick changes?

Today’s post will hopefully teach you some basic tips to help you quickly make your design look better and polished.

Tip 1: Keep Effects to a Minimum

Avoid decorating your site with too many effects – be it gradients, multi-colored text, textures or any other effects. In fact, keep your design simple and add only relevant elements. That’s because, a clean and minimal website don’t make people think much about what they need to do when they access that website. But, if your website design is confusing and hard to understand, people won’t stick around.

When scrutinizing a web design, keep in mind that ‘less is more’. A good web designer knows this. If a design element does not contribute to the overall purpose, get rid of it. If something is distracting from the end goal, get rid of it.

Here’s an example of a website that will no doubt make your head spin. It’s crowded with plenty of links in various colors, animations and visuals.

polish your web design

Tip 2: Avoid Using New Fonts

We are experiencing a renaissance in design, especially in the way we use fonts. With Google Fonts along with other web-safe font companies providing an array of font faces, we are no longer limited to using a handful of fonts. However, with this ability, we must also remember that we can’t use just any font for the sake of trends.

By all means, young designers should experiment, however, limit yourself and carefully pick out font families that are proven to work well over the web.

Below is an example that demonstrates the use of two different typefaces. On the left side, we’re using a gimmicky font while on the opposite, a commonly used “Garamond” font is displayed. Take into consideration the medium you’re working on – type over the web must be legible and should be easy to read as opposed to more fancier stuff.

polish your web design

Tip 3: Don’t Use Text That’s Too Wide

Regardless of screen size – desktop, laptop or mobile, chances are you’ll have blocks of text to work with. Make sure to always keep text to its normal width. Using fonts that are too wide can distract readers. As a general rule, make sure that body text does not exceed over 12 words per line or more, and shouldn’t be shorter than eight words per line.

For example, take inspiration from the Guardian that contains suitable blocks of body text.

polish your web design

Tip 4: No to White text on Black Background

When it comes to text, users will either read or skim a website. When I say don’t use white on black, I’m actually referring to paragraph text- which users will read. Forcing a person to read white on black for long periods of time will no doubt put a strain on the user’s eyes. This is because white is harder to read because the light that hits each word reflects and scatters into each other. If you must use white on black, use them in your headlines or subheads as most users usually skim or scan these titles.


Tip 5: Choosing the Right Font Size

It is very important that your font is easily readable to users. The best way to do this requires you to choose the font sizes that are commonly used in web design. Make sure that your font size is responsive to the device and use proper leading and kerning.

polish your web design

Final Words!

As web trends come and go, we’ll have to adapt accordingly. With responsive web design taking over the design landscape, there are now more things to consider. Hopefully with the tips above, you’ll be able to come up with a suitable design that will please both you and your users.

This is a contributed post by Jason Roiz, a qualified web development professional who is great at delivering focus in his writings. He meets expectations for OSSMedia, a custom Magento development company which also giving proficient WordPress, Drupal and Joomla improvement administrations.

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