15 Striking Examples of Persuasive E-Commerce Design

These days, online storefronts are popping up like mushrooms in spring. If you want a successful eCommerce business, your website must not only have a clear and intuitive structure, the design must also be tight. I repeat. Tight.

Design is vital. A well-designed store will convey the right message, impress, connect and eventually turn prospective visitors into customers. Obviously, there are many factors that will help make your eCommerce website a hit amongst your customers. But for today, let’s focus on the design aspect by examining 15 different eCommerce websites that does it well.

Let’s start on a sweet note with a website that sells everyone’s favorite sin food – chocolates!



Godiva is a Belgian chocolate maker. Their online shopping cart design is nice, clean and the main banner displays signature chocolate flavors along with some great discount offers. The chocolate varieties appear too good to resist because of high quality photographs; this is a fine example of professional style photography that can infuse life into a website and increase visitor trust. It offers just the right amount of content to help you make a selection. Smooth navigation and good usability features give you a great shopping experience.

2. TICO*


TICO’s site is simple, neat, and product-centric. This e-commerce design that tells you immediately what the site is selling as you land on this page. A convincing CTA button on the display banner is presented above the fold, which takes you to the checkout page in a few, easy clicks. As video converts more than images, a video link is clearly visible for visitors who want to know more about the product. Not only is the overall design easy on the eyes, it’s got a user-friendly navigation to the rest of the web.



Tsubo is a footwear manufacturer with a website design that focuses on minimalism. The landing page itself gets to the point with a big banner that prompts shopping for either women or men. Subcategories of product range are clearly presented and clicking on any product links you to the related product pages, initiating the shopping cycle. Direct, and to the point. Good usability features and video presentation to build visitor trust.



Schwan’s is an online grocery store. The site’s home page manages to avoid content-clutter (which is natural, if you have many products to display) because of nicely spread pictures and minimal text. It has great call-to-action in the form of the “Hot Deals” button, below the main banner. The sidebar has been placed on the left side and has been designed to target different customers according to their taste preferences. Building on its good brand reputation, the website offers a fantastic shopping experience. A win-win combination that creates more conversions!

5. Everything Furniture

everything furniture

This on-line furniture store has divided their site using large images for its various categories, laying them out on the home page. All images have the ‘shop now’ CTA which will be lead to the product pages. Navigation from the home page to checkout is simple and user friendly. The mega menu drop down also makes it easy for navigation between products and inner pages. Everything Furniture

6. Jenier World of Teas


Jenier’s web design has been chosen to demonstrate how a large product range can be neatly displayed without any clutter on the web page. The website sells different tea flavors from around the world (their in over 45 countries). The sidebar hosts testimonials, social media buttons and promotional content just above the fold to increase trust and buyer confidence. Content is neatly spread out on the page and appeals to the eye.

7. JOY


Joy is a women and menswear online store that has a very well-designed landing page. An easy-to-spot, telephone number on the top left corner improves the credibility of the business. The dominating banner is followed by a smaller one with an offer. The website also features a blog for visitors to product writeups, lifestyle articles and interviews. The overall landing page does a nice job at integrating everything under one brand name. This is the kind of website tht will engage you engage its visitors until they find a favorite apparel.

8. Controliss Blinds


Controliss sells motorized, remote controlled window blinds. It is a well-designed website with high quality pictures of various blinds on the home page. The collage-type navigation does away with the need to display additional content because you can click individual pictures to get more information on the particular blind.

9. Vintage Optical Shop

vintage optical

Like it’s company name, this online store sells vintage eyeglasses. Accordingly, the website has a retro look and aptly reflects the essence of its product range. Take a look at the image, icons, texture and layout; you will find all of them complementing each other to convey a ‘love for retro’ message. The site also manages to win user trust at first glance.

10. Wrightwood Furniture


The colorful vintage looking furniture pictures on a white background immediately captures your attention. The image on the home page has two separate links for text content and image. The aim is to avoid the content-clutter and drive home the point in a subtle manner. The image links take you to the checkout page if you have made up your mind to buy the chosen product. Check it out here!

11. Au Lit Fine Linens


The big, white images of bed linen oozes a cozy feeling about the product and promise to change your sleep for the better. The element of promise is clearly visible in the essence of the product, clearly represented by the photographs. The short in –house video clip at the bottom reinforces the point. The visuals centric design has loads of content stashed in the links in the header of the website and will convince you to stay longer on the website.

12. Authentic Asia

aunthentic asia

Authentic Asia is not an e-commerce site, however, I thought it would be good to highlight some features that translates well to regular e-commerce design elements. This travel company for private and individual tours around Asia contains great images and photography. The testimonials also do well with first time visitors. This simple, blog-style structure is very personable and is packed with information. The site also has good navigation that links to other areas of the site for easy exploration.

13. V76 by Vaughn


V76 is a unique site with great visual appeal. The landing page immediately speaks and conveys the brand’s image. The combination of slider on the left and scroll on the right exemplifies what design and technology can achieve. In addition, video stories of actual users interacting with the products automatically brings out the company’s personality and charm.

14. RAEN


RAEN is a boutique eyewear company that targets the young and rebellious. Like their sunglasses, their web design is cutting edge and solidifies their brand image. Lifestyle images are spread across the entire site featuring the look and feel of their personality. From musicians to surfers to photographers to artist, these personal stories from their brand ambassadors trigger emotional bonding with customers. Simple yet captivating design with in-built virtual testing features will truly connects and convert a visitor.

15. Mah-Ze-Dahr Bakery


Ma Ze Dahr is an online bakery selling delectable treats. Stylish high resolution images on the site make the baked products look enticing and drool worthy. The easy checkout ensures you are able to place an order of your favorite delicacy quickly and easily!


User-needs should be the key factor determining the choice of design elements on your site and their implementation; the success of any online business depends on the quality of user experience (shopping experience) it is able to deliver.

This is a contributed post from John Siebert, the President and CEO of Tranquil Blue – A Tampa Website Design Company that focuses on all kind of website design, mobile app development and search engine marketing.

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