This Week On: Designers Round-up

This week we’ve rounded up a cool list of resources, tool, and websites for graphic and web designers alike. This week we’ve got tools to help you build better sites, create colors and fonts, and more!

We’ll start off with the basics to web creation which is slicing. Tune in to a fresh way to exporting with Slicy. On another hand, remove the web developer from the equation with Webflow and the much awaited The Grid.

Like colors? So do we! To add to our previous post about color generators, we’re bringing one up that complements the recent material design umbrella. Make your presentations shine with Magic Mockups, or place it in a nice infographics with Infogram. Hope you guys enjoy this week’s designers round-up!


MacRabbit   Slicy

Forget what you know about slicing PSDs, now there’s a whole new way that saves you time! Slicy reinvents Photoshop slicing by exporting PSD elements as assets for your website or app. All you have to do is rename your layer groups once, and let Slicy take care of everything else! Designers and developers, rejoice! Check out Slicy here


Prototypo   Streamlining font creation

Prototypo is an open-source online application that gives anyone, from hobbyist to professional, total control of typeface design. By using sliders, predefined styles, refine spacing and outlines manually, there are over 20 parameters to create a wide range of fonts, quickly moving from idea to a usable font.

Prototypo integrates historical, mathematical and visual rules of this discipline to automate repetitive tasks and lets you focus on shape design. Prototypo is currently in the works and allows access to the developer version by subscribing to their newsletter. Check out the site here


Top Responsive Website Builder   Webflow

Webflow is a professional site builder for designing responsive websites from scratch. The difference? No coding is required. Yep, you read that right. Webflow automatically generates beautiful code for you as you design so there’s no need to rely on a developer.

Webflow generates valid markup and stylesheets and works across all modern browsers & devices. You can try out Webflow with a free account, which allows you to create one private site and up to 20 public sites. Check it out here.

Material Palette

Material Design Color Palette Generator   Material Palette

Based on Google’s Material Design, Matthew Aussaguel created the Material palette generator to help designers and developers quickly generate a specific color code. All you have to do is pick 2 colors and the palette will automatically pull the code for you. Share and export colors to different formats such as XML, LESS, CSS, SASS, PNG or SVG. Check it out

Magic Mockups

Magic Mockups • Free real life mockup generator

Here are some great ideas where you can generate mockups of laptops, phone or tablet. Great for your portfolios, presentations, design showcases, websites, and more, there’s no copyright or attribution needed so use this for personal or commercial use. Great for designers, place your app or web design in a realistic environment and start impressing folks! Check it out here.

Affinity Designer

Affinity Designer   Professional graphic design software for the Mac

Claimed to be the fastest, smoothest, most precise vector software available, Affinity Designer is the go-to tool for graphics, websites, icons, UI design or for creating cool concept art. Created to revolutionise how you work, AD allows pan and zoom at 60fps, transform objects in correct z-order, make adjustments or apply effects in real time, and see live previews of brushes or tools.

Whether you’re working on a 100 MP image, or the most complex vector drawing with thousands of curves, it’s still the same and never runs out of memory. Check out more of Affinity here.

The Grid

The Grid

Here’s another awesome tool for building websites. Similar to Webflow, The Grid does not require any coding. However, it does take web development to another level – and what it promises does seem exciting. It is NOT another do-it-yourself website builder. The Grid harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to take everything you throw at it – videos, images, text, urls and more – and automatically shapes them into a custom website unique to you. Check out their pitch video below.

As your needs grow, it evolves with you, effortlessly adapting to your needs. Want to add e-commerce? Social feeds? A different layout? The Grid just takes care of it. Once again, this is not a website builder, it’s your personal AI web developer. Check out The Grid’s website, which was entirely built using, well, The Grid of course!


Create infographics   online charts

Infographics. The easy way. It’s all there is to it.

Infogram is the data visualization product that brings out the best of data. The infographics and charts are quick to use, fast to share, and make it appeal to the eye. Infogram’s customers range from small businesses to global media organizations, and they’ve bee n awarded multiple times in their short, but fast-paced history. Check out infogram and their features here!


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