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5 Essential Tips to Get the Most Out of AI Logo Makers

Artificial intelligence has finally reached the design industry, and it’s making professional design more accessible and affordable for small and medium-sized businesses. Using AI tools, businesses can design logos for their brands at a very low cost, even with minimal design expertise.


Still, there are a few factors to keep in mind before launching into these design tools right away. To leverage the full potential of AI logo making tools, you should first take these key tips into account:


  1. Shape your brand

Before you choose a logo, it’s helpful to have a clear brand image in mind for your business.


A brand is rooted in how your audience perceives your company, and you can shape your brand image by influencing the perceptions of your audience through factors like visual design, brand language, and your brand story.


To create your company’s brand, you’ll first need a deep understanding of both your competitors and the market. Conduct market research to see how your competitors are branding themselves and who their audiences are. Then, think about which kind of branding strategy would most appeal to your target audience.


You should also determine your brand personality. Think of a brand story that explains your company’s origins, mission and values, and vision for the future. Condense your company’s reason for existence into a simple narrative that makes your brand compelling and unique. You should also come up with 3-5 adjectives to describe your brand that you can use as the basis for your brand personality.


Developing a strong understanding of your company and your market is the foundation for creating a logo that speaks to your audience and stays true to your brand.


  1. Understand different types of logos

It’s also helpful to develop a basic understanding of the different types of logos you can create. While logos come in several different forms, these forms can be roughly sorted into three main categories: Text-based logos, icon-based logos, and combination logos.


The classic text-based logo is the wordmark logo, also called a logotype. A wordmark logo uses only your company’s name, without any symbols, and is often portrayed in a custom typeface that reflects your business’s personality. Wordmark logos—such as Lyft’s lowercase hot pink typeface—are great for business with catchy, distinctive names.


Contrary to text-based logos, icon-based logos depict a symbol and nothing else. Nike’s swoosh is a famous example of an icon-based logo. Note that icon-based logos are most effective for businesses that already have high brand recognition, so I recommend staying away from them when just starting your business.


Combination logos—you guessed it—use a combination of icon and text to represent your brand. A well-known combination logo is The North Face logo, which combines a bold, authoritative typeface with an icon reminiscent of Half Dome in California’s Yosemite National Park. Combination logos can reveal a lot about your business’s name, products, or personality, so they tend to be strong logos for businesses of all sizes and industries.


  1. Learn about typography

The font you use in your logo should accord with the specific characteristics and identity of your brand.


Serif fonts (those with the little feet on the edges) are timeless and classic. These fonts are great for more traditional, mature brands. Sans-serif fonts (those without the little feet) are clean and sleek, and are ideal for modern, contemporary brands.


Another type of font, script fonts, are cursive fonts with a handwritten look. These fonts make your brand appear elegant and formal, feminine, or personal.


The final main font type, display fonts, are offbeat fonts that pack a big visual punch. These kinds of fonts are usually custom-made for your business, and they can be playful, whimsical, futuristic, rugged, or anything else. The right display font can reveal a lot about your brand personality; just be sure that it’s legible and not overly complex.


  1. Get familiar with color psychology

Different colors evoke different feelings and emotions. As a result, the color of your logo plays a powerful role in shaping your audience’s perception of your brand.


Here’s a bit of color psychology you can refer to when selecting colors for your logo:


  • Blue – professionalism, credibility, success
  • Purple – luxuriousness, prestige, femininity
  • Green – serenity, nature, finance
  • Yellow – warmth, positivity, joy
  • Red – boldness, confidence, high energy
  • Orange – enthusiasm, excitement, youthfulness
  • White – purity, simplicity, minimalism
  • Grey – timelessness, maturity, calm
  • Black – power, sophistication, elegance


Whichever logo design you choose, select colors that resonate with your audience and evoke feelings associated with your brand.


  1. Evaluate and adjust

After creating your logo, you should test it and adjust the design as needed.


To evaluate your logo, think about where you’ll use your logo most. Try it out on your website, business cards, social media pages, marketing materials, and more. Are there any practical challenges in implementing it—like issues with color or legibility—that might become an inconvenience down the road? Be sure your logo is simple enough to be easily scalable, as well as clear and legible at all sizes.


You should also consider how you want to present your logo on different colored backgrounds. Make your logo more versatile by choosing a design that looks good in all black or all white.


Once you’ve come up with the rules about your logo’s specifications and variations, put them into writing by creating an official brand style guide. This guide should include all the features of your logo design, including the rules about your typeface, color, icons, and white space.


Best Three Logo Maker Tools


Now that you know how to develop a great logo you can use these amazing AI logo maker tools to make a logo design that will be a perfect match for your business and brand.


Tailor Brands logo maker is one of the better AI logo designers on the market. In addition to a logo you also receive a host of brand collateral like brand style guides and business cards.


Logoai is very similar to Tailor Brands in that that offer a suite of brand design tools such as business cards, social post and design tools.


Logo Pony this AI powered logo design tool has been around for a while. It’s a really nice platform, fun to use and creates very high quality logos.


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