bussinessman at office holding a tablet showing online courses website. All screen graphics are made up.

Why Online Safety Courses Are A Smart Solution

Are you looking to enhance your current workplace safety training program? Teach your employees about safety in a helpful and fun way with online safety courses.

Read on if you’d like to learn why online safety courses are a smart solution for your business.


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bussinessman at office holding a tablet showing online courses website. All screen graphics are made up.


Benefits of Online Safety Courses

Not sure online safety courses are necessary for your business? Read on to learn the benefits of it!

Every Employee Gets the Same Message

Online safety videos guarantee every person gets the same message, the same way. This makes it great for training new employees and refreshing veteran ones. Videos make training smoother, reduce confusion, and get everyone on the same page.

Videos Are Engaging to Employees

Why ask employees to sit through a boring lecture or read some dense training manual when you could show them an engaging video? Research suggests that people learn and retain more information from a video than they do from listening or reading.

Online safety videos deliver messages more effectively to employees. They make it easier to teach them specific safety techniques too!

Videos Easily Convey Emotion

If you’re trying to teach your employees an important message, emotional safety videos are a key way to do that. Online safety videos can show a safety scenario in a way that feels real and relevant to employees. Many companies use videos because of shock value, which helps ensure the viewer receives the message and remembers it for longer.

Tips for How to Use Online Safety Videos

Have Your Employees Watch Your Safety Videos Together

It’s helpful to project the online training and let employees view and complete it with their peers and coworkers. This will encourage constructive conversations about safety topics and improve employee involvement in your company’s overall safety.

Let Remote Employees Watch Their Videos Online

Training employees who work remotely or travel for work can be challenging. For these employees, give them an opportunity to watch their safety training videos online.

Remote videos are a great way to train people outside of the office. By not requiring these employees to come to your office for training, you can save a lot in travel and housing fees.

If your employees are all in one location, however, you may want to opt for on site safety training instead!

Make Online Training Materials Available for Anytime Use

Safety training shouldn’t be a “one and done” thing for your employees. By making your training materials available online, employees will be able to watch them wherever and whenever.

This will make it easier for them to refresh their memory or circle back if a safety emergency ever arises.

Use Training Materials as a Refresher

With a million things going on at work, it can be easy for employees to forget certain safety measures. Online safety videos help refresh employees on safety protocols. This will mean fewer mistakes or accidents in the long run.

Final Thoughts

Online safety videos reduce confusion, cut costs, and are an informative and engaging way to teach employees. By following these tips, you can start successfully using online training to create a safer work environment.

Any benefits of online safety training that we missed? Let us know in the comments!


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