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If you are an experienced ic user, you probably know that these are usually trouble-free machines, but they may become a bit sluggish over time. If you do not notice it timely, you may face freezing and oh-so-dreaded spinning pinwheel.t

Another common problem is lack of free disk space. Some Macs are not upgradable, so simply helping yourself to a bigger storage is not an option. What can you do?

For once, you can choose a new Mac and get rid of the old one. However, if you find tossing your loyal companion away a bit drastic, you may bend your attention towards maintenance apps. In fact, even if you are a proud owner of a newly purchased Apple marvel, you still may want to arm yourself with an optimization app to prevent problems altogether.

There is a selection of cleaning utilities for Macs out there, but MacFly Pro is one that stands out – and the reason is its simplicity. It is as user-friendly as you can get, it speaks “human language” instead of obscure developer lingo. Among other undoubted pluses of the app, I must list its clean interface that does not try to grasp your attention with eye-popping colors and candy-like icons. It is intuitive and low-key stylish, as befits Mac software. Let us have a closer look at its features.

Using MacFly Pro

MacFly Pro is actually a suite of utilities elegantly packed in one multifunctional app created to make your experience with MacBook and Mac computers enjoyable and hassle-free. It scans for unnecessary files that can be safely deleted, so your machine will run more smoothly, if it experienced problems with performance before, and have more space available on the drive.

When you run the app for the first time, it will ask you to hand-start the scanning of your Mac. It will take a few minutes, but this is the only time you will have to do this. All the subsequent scans will be conducted inconspicuously in the background without putting additional strain on the system. You will simply use your computer as usual, while the app will look after it for you.

What’s Inside?

You have three main tabs here: Smart Assistant, Cleanup, and Tools. I will start with the coolest one – the Smart Assistant. If you do not feel like tweaking this and that and simply want your Mac to show its impeccable superior performance day after day then you will appreciate the Smart Assistant feature. It is extremely helpful for less tech-savvy (or flat-out lazy as yours truly) Mac lovers.

What you must know about Smart Assistant:

– scans your Mac in the background without interfering with your work

– hunts down the things that hamper its performance and take up your disk space

– prompts you to get rid of all that with one click

– nails it

As the name suggests, Smart Assistant is here to help you and it knows what you need before you know it. If you go the tab you will see that it displays the most crucial and oft-used categories from the both other tabs and summarizes the things it can improve for you. All you have to do is to accept its suggestion by clicking the “Clean All” button.


However, if you want to delve deeper, MacFly Pro gives you such possibility. You can explore the Cleanup to see the most likely places where all the clutter can be and deal with it manually. Here you can fine-tune the maintenance for your Mac and scan for System junk, corrupted cashes and logs, uninstalled apps that have not been deleted entirely (they do leave behind quite a lot) and other things. In other words, be in control completely.

Tools tabs come in handy if you want to deal with cleaning on the deeper level. Go here to detect duplicates, rarely used big files and apps you never run – everything that takes up your precious disk space without any use. If you need, you can manually add folders for scanning.

Again, you have full control over the cleaning. The app merely shows you particularly bulky items. Whether you wish to get rid of them is entirely up to you. It is very careful with duplicates as well, as it asks you which of the files should be deemed “original” and, therefore, for keeps.

Final Thoughts

Maintenance apps are sometimes claimed to be superfluous by tech-savvy Mac users. They insist that everything cleaning utilities do can be as well performed in Terminal. Therefore these apps offer no value of their own.

What this argument overlooks, however, is that using Terminal requires entering all the necessary commands lines, which for average user, can be too complex and difficult to remember. Moreover, when entered incorrectly, commands can mess up the system quite a lot. No wonder then, most of us prefer to stay on the safe side and do not come near such geeky stuff.

Maintenance apps, on the other hand, offer a safe environment and clear instructions, removing the barrier and providing access to all the system features in a virtually risk-free way.

With its power-efficient background scans, versatility, sleek interface, and safe cleaning, MacFly Pro is my favorite maintenance app among the software I have tried so far. It is available by subscription on a monthly or annual basis. You can have a look at more details on pricing here.


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