8 Content Marketing Ideas to Try This Week

If there’s one thing you don’t want to do when it comes to content marketing, it’s to stagnate. It’s easy to get into a rut where you’re consistently publishing blog posts and corralling backlinks from the same sources every week, with little to show for it in the search engine results.


This is where a website design company for small businesses in Seattle comes into play. Years of expertise helping companies in every sector/industry imaginable has led to a diverse array of content marketing strategies that are guaranteed to increase your traffic count and then, conversions. As a start, consider the following eight tips you can start implementing this week to improve the effectiveness of your content.


  1. Make a Call for Content


In order to compete today, not only do you need great content – but you also need a lot of it. It can become difficult to keep up with the sheer plenitude of content necessary, which is why opening your website up to guest blogs tackles two problems at once: quality and quantity. Other website owners know they need to provide good content in order to be considered, and as your site grows in popularity, you’ll soon have more than enough requests to publish several times a week.


  1. Use Ads – Social Media and AdWords


Depending on the content of your blog post, the cost easily justifies the potential benefit. Just make sure that whatever page you want to promote has a strong call-to-action (CTA); it shouldn’t be merely a blog post answering a need. You don’t need to pay to have someone read your answers to their questions. Go for the bigger social media platforms, and craft good ads for Google AdWords.


  1. Use YouTube for Video Marketing


To date, YouTube is still pretty much the only game in town – although that’s changing with Amazon Twitch, and a few others starting to crop up and stake a claim in the market share. Get together with someone who knows how to video edit and make a YouTube channel where you can upload promotional offers and add the URL to your website in the description box.


  1. Pinterest Is Cost-Effective and Popular

Video hasn’t completely taken over just yet; the image curation website Pinterest is a very good way to share infographics and high-resolution billboards advertising your product. Just make it clever, attractive, engaging – anything to increase the share count. It’s one of the easiest platforms to use, too, and is a proven way to encourage inbound traffic to your content.


  1. Deliver a Few Guest Blogs


Of course you have a lot to do, which is why you should identify just three (at most) higher-authority websites in your industry and approach them with an idea for a guest blog. Nearly every company with a website has a little trouble keeping up with the need to deliver consistently good content, and they’ll welcome your proposal.


Peruse their website a bit to see the style of writing and the popular topics, and then come up with a subject and title they can’t refuse – in return, of course, for a backlink to your content.


  1. Take Advantage of Instagram


Facebook bought Instagram a few years ago, and the already popular website has exploded in reach – it’s one of the top 10 most-visited websites in the world. Create a presence on Instagram this week, and put up a dozen high-resolution images to introduce your profile to the world and to get indexed by the search engines. You’ll start getting followers – but you can expedite the process by taking some time to follow others. They generally follow back, and then every time you post, you’ll show up in their feed.


  1. Test Your Website Speed and Design


Is your website slow? Use your preferred Analytics provider to gauge how visitors are interacting with your content. If there are any speed issues, make it a point to have a web design expert rectify them this week – you’re losing visitors because of it, guaranteed.


Try out your website on different devices to see how it renders, and if images take longer to load than you’re comfortable with. These are indications how your site can benefit from improvement, which will matter to the bottom line.


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