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How to design a logo for your YouTube channel

A modern person has a large number of ways to earn income. Thanks to the active development of the information sphere, you can open a business even while sitting at home. Now people work not only for money, but also for self-realization. Therefore, the creative sphere is becoming more and more popular. YouTube blogger is one of those “professions”. In this article, you will learn why you need a logo for a YouTube channel and how to create one.

Why you need a YouTube channel logo

The main task of any logo is to increase recognition. Viewers, having noticed your logo, will immediately remember you and your channel. That is, the logo, in this case, is a kind of “replacement” for you and your face. This badge will be associated with you and your channel.

In addition, with the help of the logo, viewers can go to the channel and subscribe, which allows you to quickly expand your audience.

Some people think that running a YouTube channel is easy. However, in many cases, this is far from the case. The owners of truly famous channels are diligent and purposeful. They have to work hard to keep the audience’s attention.

Not every channel gains popularity. The reasons for this may be different: for example, low-quality content or irrelevant topics. An incorrectly designed channel logo can also be attributed to errors leading to an unsatisfactory result. Below you will learn how to create a logo that will help make your YouTube channel popular.

Examples of famous Youtube channel logos

It’s hard to find even one YouTube user who has never seen the Vevo logo. Their watermark is on almost all official video clips from famous artists.

Vevo is not a label or just a YouTube channel, it’s a real platform. This organization includes the largest record companies. The project was launched in 2009.

The Vevo logo is concise and easy to remember. This is an important advantage, because thanks to him the company becomes popular.


bbc logo

Three letters known to the whole world – Air Force. As in the previous version, the design is extremely concise. However, it is difficult to find a person who does not recognize this logo.

The BBC is the world’s largest media corporation, founded in 1922. The company carries out internal and external Internet broadcasting on YouTube, radio and television broadcasting. Outside the UK, BBC World News channels are available in various languages.

The logo that users see now was created in 1997 and has not changed since.


Get Movies

Get Movies

Get Movies is one of the most famous YouTube channels in the world. It was created by the Russian company X-Media Digital.

This channel was registered in December 2006. Its theme is children’s cartoons. Once upon a time, videos about various sports were uploaded to the channel. But at the beginning of 2012, they published a cartoon series “Masha and the Bear”, which scored 82 million views.

The channel logo, again, is minimalist. However, in 2022 it is quite appropriate. The red letter G on a white background immediately attracts attention. Such a logo is easily remembered by the viewer.


How to make a logo for a YouTube channel

logo for a YouTube channel

It’s not that hard to come up with a logo. But to create an easy-to-remember logo that is appropriate, tells about the goals of the company, while being simple, is a difficult task. In addition, it is important to consider how the audience will see it. There are three ways to design a logo: draw it yourself, turn to designers, or make it in an online designer. Below we describe in detail all the methods.

How to create a logo yourself

In order to use this method, you need at least minimal artistic skills and the ability to work in graphics programs.

Looking for ideas

Examine the logos of channels whose themes are similar to yours. Ask yourself what attracts you to them and what repels you. Do certain elements work? Of course, you should not blindly copy someone else’s design. It is important to see the idea in general terms, and then express it in your own style.

Another option is to make several sketches of the future logo. Try to write the channel name in different styles and fonts, implement symbols and icons. Use elements that are associated with the theme of your channel. But don’t go overboard with them. Your channel logo should tell about you, and at the same time be simple and memorable.

The target audience

A logo is not a fashion emblem. It has important functions. Therefore, when creating a logo, you should think about who your audience is, what they like about your content. The logo should form a positive impression of your channel.

Principles and rules for creating logos

An effective logo is created only subject to certain rules.

Rule 1. Simplicity. With a simple design, the logo will be easy to recognize.

Rule 2. Memorability. A good logo is always remembered by the audience. Therefore, you need to make it original, stand out from others.

Rule 3. Durability. The logo should remain equally effective for a long time. Your channel’s watermark will be associated with you, and if you change it too often, viewers won’t remember it.

Rule 4. Universality. The logo should look good in the format that Youtube offers.


With the help of sketches, you can easily transfer ideas from your head to paper. When you have collected enough information, take paper and pencil, and draw several options for logos. The more there are, the better. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

Choose a color

When choosing a color for your logo, you need to think about what color best reflects the personality of your channel. For example, if the theme of your videos is creative and bright, use yellow and orange shades. For the scientific channel, calmer shades are suitable. For example, white or grey.

You can look at what colors your competitors are using. Sometimes, choosing a color opposite to the color of your main competitor can make you stand out from its background.

Do not use more than four colors. It is better if there are only two primary colors. Remember to leave enough white space for the viewer’s eyes to “rest”.

Choose a font

The main rule for the font of the Youtube channel logo is readability. If you decide to add a lettering to your logo design, the viewer should be able to read it without difficulty. Keep in mind that he will see your sign in a small size.

Of course, the font style should match the theme of the channel. Romantic fonts are not suitable for a scientific channel, and strict fonts are not suitable for children.

Last steps

Here you will need skills in graphics programs to digitize the resulting logo. Having chosen the most suitable, in your opinion, sketch, transfer it to electronic format. It would not be superfluous to demonstrate the resulting logo to friends and acquaintances, asking for their opinion.

Order a logo from a designer

Another way to get a logo is to order from specialists. You can work both with the studio and with an individual designer.

You can find specialists on special platforms (Behance, Dribble), freelance exchanges or using a search engine. Be sure to study examples of work and reviews. Also, it is worth immediately noting how quickly you get feedback.

To get a good result, provide the designer with a detailed technical task. It is important to convey what you want from him. Tell us about the theme of your channel and the target audience. Express personal wishes, if any. Also, you can provide the designer with examples of logos that you like.

Be sure to draw up a contract with clearly defined terms and conditions.

How to create a logo in an logo maker

Creating a logo in a logo maker is the easiest way. You will not need to spend a substantial amount on design services and, at the same time, no specialized skills will be required.

Using the online designer, you will get a large number of high-quality options in a short time. The prices for the provided logos are extremely affordable.

To create a logo for your Youtube channel, you need to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Go to the site of the online designer and click the “Create Logo” button.
  2. Enter a company name.
  3. Select the logo icon.
  4. Choose the colors you like.
  5. Customize your logo design.
  6. Download the file.

Maintaining a Youtube channel with quality and engaging content is no easy task. A good logo will help you promote and expand your audience. We wish you a gold button from Youtube!

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