10 Advanced Tips To Grow Your YouTube Channel Quickly!

YouTube can be efficient for reaching millions of people especially if you are promoting products. As the biggest video sharing platform, YouTube has opened up opportunities for content creators to explore their talents. However, in order to make meaningful progress from your channel, it has to have a good number of followers. You can boost the growth of your channel to increase viewership and have a community of fans. Some people will advise you to pay influencers to promote your content, but for how long can you rely on this?

Here are more effective and affordable solutions that you should embrace to grow your YouTube channel quickly.

1. Create irresistible thumbnails

In the past, only YouTube partners could use thumbnails, but now anyone is able to do it by simply verifying their phone numbers. While you may have catchy titles for your content, many users will prefer videos with a descriptive and attractive thumbnail. The idea is to ensure more people click through your videos on search results in order to satisfy their curiosity, which is triggered by the unique thumbnail using Video Thumbnail Maker. If the content is good, the users will be motivated to subscribe so as not to miss future uploads.

2. Content quality

After a good title and thumbnail, content comes as the next most important thing. It does not matter how many people you are able to get to visit your channel, if the content is not good they will not take any positive action. Good content is anchored on entertainment, is engaging, and informative. Capture these three pillars in all your videos and those who get to watch your videos will be triggered to subscribe so as to continue enjoying your quality content.

3. Use killer titles for videos

Many people first search on YouTube before they decide which videos to watch. One of the things that influence the decision to watch certain videos is the kind of title and thumbnail used. A catchy title helps to grab the attention of viewers. Make it descriptive and keep it short yet interesting, but be careful not to make it clickbait-y. And don’t forget to add some SEO through the use of keywords on the title. Keywords help the search algorithm to pick your content and display it to users who use certain keywords while searching.

4. The power of playlists

There are many reasons you should group your content into playlists. One of them is that playlists make it easy for people to find your videos, and this could also boost search rankings. While on a playlist, the next video in the list is automatically played when the previous finishes. This means with one click, a user can watch multiple videos from your channel. Through this method, you can find users interested in high profile videos, who may choose to stick around to enjoy more of your content. Using playlists also offers you more opportunities to apply keywords for search.

5. Collaborate with other YouTubers

One of the most effective ways of increasing subscribers is partnering with other vloggers. Pick channels that have subscribers who are likely to have interest in your videos. Prepare a list of YouTubers then reach out to them to have your channel featured in exchange for also doing the same for them on your side. Some of them might demand payment to promote your channel, but instead of paying for this, it’s a better investment to your video quality on YouTube via media agency because this will raise engagement on your videos, which makes your content appear impactful to the algorithm. Content that has more engagement is often given priority on search results.

6. Give away contests

Giveaways are among the most effective ways you can gain exposure for your YouTube channel. But you have to be careful with this idea as you should only provide things that are relevant to what your channel is about. If you review drones, you don’t expect to get any subscribers after giving iPads because many people you will get will not really be interested in drones but motivated by the iPad offer. Also ensure to read the YouTube’s Privacy Policy and Community Guidelines to ensure the contest does not violate any of these.

7. Consistency will earn you better results

You should always be continuous with your uploads. This is because the audience likes watching more content from you if the first they came across was interesting. The best way to get them to stick around and probably recommend your channel to friends is to provide a consistent flow of good content. Come up with a schedule for uploading content as taking too long to share content could lead to your channel losing subscribers.

8. Encourage social media shares

As mentioned earlier, engagement is one of the most important factors that YouTube uses to gauge the relevance of content. A video shared on many social media platforms and other websites is considered to have interesting content and will be given priority on search results. Besides this advantage, when your content is shared on social media it reaches a wider audience, and this translates to more views and increases chances of new viewers becoming subscribers.

9. Write descriptions for humans and bots

A perfect vide description will help both humans and search engines. It should provide additional information to viewers and also be a source of signals on what the video is about. When it comes to getting subscribers, both are important. Be informative and add the main keywords in the description. You can also do external linking to authoritative websites to help the search algorithm understand what your content is about.

10. Use an interesting intro

To reduce bounce rates, you should add an interesting intro as this helps in branding your channel. When done right, this can improve viewership. Just ensure you have not used something cliché, but focus on an intro that can distinguish your channel from the rest.

Building a YouTube channel is not the most difficult thing. What you need is to understand the hacks you can employ that will help you to reach more people. Provide unique and highly informative content to motivate people to subscribe. Your channel should be configured such that whenever someone views content they will want to definitely get notified immediately after you post new content. Don’t forget SEO is also important, so create catchy titles and descriptions with the right keywords and phrases.

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