How to Create a Survey Online and Boost Your Holiday Sales

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… Especially for business owners! We all know for a fact the holiday season is when Americans spend the most. Actually, according to the National Retail Federation, holiday sales can reach up to $730 billion USD this year, meaning that if you create a survey online and offer some goodies for your customers, you can be on the right track to give your business’ sales a lift.

Besides evaluating your product or service with a survey, you can identify your customers’ satisfaction levels and reward them for taking the time to participate and for their loyalty along the way. This also helps to keep track of things that can be improved and to gather contact information that can be useful afterward when you plan additional marketing campaigns.

Write Down Thoughtful and Useful Questions

Sending a customer satisfaction survey is one of the best ways to get in touch with frequent customers to remind them you’re still open for business and have planned something special for the holidays. So make sure you focus on writing down questions that they’re willing to answer but also provide useful feedback for you.

There are lots of tools for you to start creating your survey. You can either start a blank survey or choose from a list of templates with a survey maker. The great thing about these tools is that you get tabulated results and graphics.

When starting to organize and write down your survey questions, keep in mind your objectives and the information you’ll need from this. That’s exactly the place to start, otherwise, you’ll be getting answers you don’t even need in the first place.

How to write good survey questions? Take a look at key points:
– Write short questions that get to the point.
– Use clear and simple vocabulary.
– Offer an option for questions that don’t apply to the customer.
– Ask one thing at a time.
– Look for solid answers.

Write Captivating and Effective Copy

Besides creating simple survey questions, take the time to write interesting, witty, and overall appealing copy.

The message should talk about the end of the year, your accomplishments as a business, how families get together and enjoy your product, the cheer around the holidays and New Year’s resolutions, but, most importantly, your copy should inspire action. In other words, it’s really nice to be inspiring, but there’ll be no benefit for your business if you don’t call to action effectively.
H2. Create a Combined Strategy to Boost the Survey’s Reach
On average, American adults spent around $885 on gifts last year. In case you needed reasons to focus on an effective survey to improve your holiday sales, here are a few estimates to keep in mind, according to Investopedia:

– 33% will spend at least $1000 on gifts this year.
– 22% will spend between $500 and $999.
– 29% will spend $100 and $499.
– 3% will spend less than $100.

Having said that, your survey reaches your customers in different ways. These are a few alternatives to get it going:

Make a Video Ad Campaign

You can choose to create an ad campaign on YouTube. There are plenty of ways you can make it work because it’s effective and immediate. Perhaps you can go for a thankful message for your customers and talk about how the survey is a win-win situation when you can learn how they feel about your customer service or product and get a holiday reward for it.

To give your YouTube channel a professional look for this season, use an intro maker. This way, you can save a lot of time and use it to mention the survey.


Start an Email Marketing Campaign

This online research method is one of the most popular ones, but keep in mind you need some kind of reward to make it effective all the way through the purchase.

You can include a QR or a personalized promo code that can later be applied to the sale’s total. Besides getting the survey results, doing this allows you to know how effective it was to send it via email because you’ll know right away if people are paying attention to what you sent and if the offering was interesting enough for them to go to your online or physical store.

Also, make sure you brand your content correctly. Remember that during the holidays we see, hear, and read ads everywhere, so this is the time to stand out. Is your logo ready to help your online presence? If not, you’d better start working on a logo design for this specific campaign or for your company. Try an online logo maker to get your videos on time for the festivities.

Add the Survey to Your Website

Besides creating an email marketing campaign to enlarge the reach of your survey, you can deploy it on your website. When doing so, try not to overwhelm the person visiting with a ton of aggressive pop-ups. Instead, make the journey easy and write up to five multiple-choice questions that are fast and simple to read.

After the user is done answering, ask them to submit an email where you can send your promo or discount code that can be used online or at the store.



Reward Loyal Customers

You can offer a holiday special discount, a surprise gift, or a promo code for those customers who already know your brand and have completed the survey.

…but Also Potential Customers

Those who end up watching your channel or participating on social media could be rewarded too this holiday season. Make sure your survey includes questions for what they’re expecting from your product or service.

Use your survey as a way to collect data and insights for your 2020 plans and to thank everybody who has supported your business through 2019. Keep in mind that the best end of year sales can improve next year’s accomplishments.

Don’t forget to share any advice on creating online surveys, we can all learn from it!

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