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4 Ways SEO and Web Design Work Together to Target Your Audience

With more than 1.5 billion websites on the internet, how can you make your company’s website stand out? If you’re not doing everything you can to optimize your site, it won’t be super competitive in the marketplace.

Two key components you should focus on are SEO and web design. When you utilize them hand in hand, you’ll be able to target your audience more specifically. And this will improve your bottom line.

Keep reading to learn how SEO and web design work hand in hand.

The Code Itself

If you’re wanting to target your audience, make sure your website is coded correctly. Starting with the right base will lead you to success.

Have your designers utilize HTML and CSS. These will perform well in SEO and are very customizable.

And no matter what, stay away from Flash. This is terrible for SEO.

Make it Mobile Friendly

With more and more people using the internet on their phones, it’s crucial that your site is mobile friendly. Whether they’re on an iPhone, Android, or tablet, you should make sure your site works on any size device.

When you design your site to work on all mobile devices, you’ll enjoy great design at every size. You’ll also enjoy great SEO benefits when your site loads quickly on all devices.

Want personalized SEO help? Check out an SEO freelancer or agency.

Optimize Your Images

When you’re creating a website, you want to include striking images. If you sell products, it’s important that you include high-quality pictures that allow the user to zoom in to get a closer look.

You also want to include pictures of people using your products or services so visitors can imagine themselves as your customers.

But in terms of SEO performance, you need to make sure your images are optimized. This is because the bigger the image, the longer it takes to load.

Often, web designers don’t consider this and will add large images without compressing them. When you do this, your rankings will suffer.

Combat this by using an image compression service. There are lots of free options available online.

Navigation Matters

Last but not least, SEO and web design work together on website navigation. When someone comes to your site, especially for the first time, you want to help them make their way around without getting lost.

From a design perspective, you should include a visually pleasing menu that’s consistent across the entire site. And from an SEO perspective, your menu should be detailed so that Google can gather information from it.

Final Thoughts on SEO and Web Design

Now that you’ve read all about how SEO and web design work together, what’s next? It’s time to figure out how these work in your overall marketing strategy.

Want to learn more about digital marketing? Check out our blog for more tips and tricks.

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