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Featured Work: Heroes and Villains Alphabets by Simon Koay

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Today’s featured work is by Simon Koay, an illustrator and art director from Australia. Turning ordinary alphabets into iconic superheroes and villains, this is Superbet.

As kids, we have always seen letters represented by animals and objects. However, what happens when you cross your favorite comic book heroes and antagonists with your ABCs? Why, you get a pack of powerful images that will make you want to memorize letters and new words in a Flash.

The heroes Simon picked for the Superbet project are nothing less than brilliant, making it easy for people—even non-comic fans, natch!—to identify most of them. We have picked some of our favorites to give you a glimpse of the marvelous collection. There’s the ever-reliable Captain America, night crusader Batman, flaming Ghost Rider, web-slinging Spiderman, and the ferocious Wolverine.

Visit Simon Koay’s website to see the whole set and his other awesome works.

Featured Work: Superbet Alphabets by Simon Koay

Featured Work: Superbet Alphabets by Simon Koay

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