Fresh for Designers this June 2015

We’re half way into the year and everyone is asking where did it all go? Well, for one, we’re getting older, and thanks to the internet we have that much more to focus on.

Being connected to so many elements and topics, our sense of time has truly taken a shift. We all know that we need to save our time. Do less work, earn more, surf less, spend more time with family, etcetera. As designers, we have to stay fresh and be able to bring on our A-game to stay on track and be more efficient.

So today, here’s a few nifty resources and tools that might help you get to your goal faster. Enjoy!


monthly round up Amberlight

Amberlight is a unique art tool that creates beautiful computer generated images. Created by designer Peter Blaškovi?, it was made both as a tool for advanced artists as well as for people who want to explore their artistic side to create unique artworks. See millions of particles

Graphism: Games for Designers


Creative games for creative designers is the tagline for Graphism. From games like The Bezier Game to RGB Challenge to pointing out famous brands, take a time out from your busy schedule and check out some addictive and creative challenges. Play

IMG Embed

screencapture-imgembed-com-1431690452338 copy

Imgembed is a free and cost efficient way to get images for blogs and website. It also gives you millions of images that’s ethical use. The model works on directly sourcing an image from the photographer/owner. This immediately rules out any hassle with copyright infringement as every image is attributed with the owner’s name. Ideal




NinjaMock is the only product in the online wireframe software market to include a vector editor. You can use shapes, curves, paths and freehand drawing to quickly visualize anything you can imagine. It also comes with a rich set of vector icons for your mockups. There’s a free version which includes all the advanced prototyping features, perfect for creative people who want to quickly sketch their own ideas. So ninja!



Weekdone is a great tool to keep an eye on how everyone’s doing. Perfect for startups, it’s a tool to track your company’s objectives and results. This means fewer meetings, less time wasted, happiness in the workplace, and more communication! Win-win!


monthly roundup

Forget ever opening up Adobe or Fontbook, now you can find out the look of your font just by typing in your sentence or word. Wordmark loads web safe fonts fast and easy so you can focus on creating. Check it out!


capture image

What is the easiest way to find out the fonts used in a webpage? Yep, you’re right. With this extension, you can inspect a web font just by hovering on them. It is that simple and elegant. WhatFont also detects the services used for serving the web fonts. Supports Typekit and Google Font API. Easy

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