Design All-Stars – 46 Design Blogs You Should Follow. Period

I have been asked just about a million times about what design blogs I follow and I always answered there are so many I couldn’t possibly name them all. And that would be probably true because it would be impossible not to forget one of them. That is why I will only point out the design blogs I follow the most. These are, in my opinion, the websites you can learn the most as a designer and are places you can find really quality resources that will make your design life easier. To put it simply, these are the best of the best.

Smashing Magazine

This website, I believe, doesn’t need any introduction or description. To put in Tina Turner’s words : “It’s simply the best“. It’s a must go location if you are a digital artist. You’ll always find fresh, quality, and innovative content published by their great editorial team  or by the awesome regular contributors, many of them the main authors of some of the blogs listed below.

PSD Tuts+

Another landmark website for the design field, especially regarding Photoshop, on PSD Tuts you will find amazing Photoshop tutorials, resources and round-ups. If you are into Photoshop, no matter at what level, you will have something to learn from here.

Six Revisions

I have to be honest, Six Revisions in one of our favorite websites and the best example that content is king. With a simple, but efficient theme, this blog focuses on providing great content at an incredible rate of 1 article / day. Six Revisions is the baby of Jacob Gube and is an integrated part of the Smashing Network.


Noupe … what can be said about Noupe, except that if you never heard of it, you’re not in design. Noupe was created in 2007 by Noura Yehia and quickly became one of the most influential blogs in the industry. It was purchased by Smashing Magazine and it’s now part of their network.


Bittbox is another of our favorite websites. It’s the ultimate design blog if you are searching for design resources, especially vectors and textures.

CSS Globe

CSS Globe is one of the best resources for CSS you can find on the web. It’s maintained by Alen Grakalic kept fresh with member contributed news and exclusive articles.

Web Designer Depot

Web Designer Depot quickly established itself as one of the best design blogs. Their content is fresh and frequent and their looks are awesome.

Web Design Ledger

In our opinion, Web Design Ledger is one of the coolest design blogs today. The content they offer covers a lot of ground and they have a great Premium section where for just 7$ / month you have access to a bundle of resources.

SpoonGraphics Blog

The creation of Chris Spooner, Spoon Graphics is one of the lookers of the design world.  Great design and great content is what characterizes this design blogging landmark. Chris also offers a premium membership on Spoon Graphics, also for 7$ / month.


Fudgegraphics is another one of CrazyLeaf Design‘s friends and a blog for design lovers as they characterize themselves.

Design Boom

Design Boom is a blog that addresses a wider audience of designers and architects. Their field of view extends beyond web and graphic design and includes also architecture and general design.


Abduzeedo, or the inspiration blog as we like to call it, is your best stop if you are looking for an inspiration fix. It is maintained by Fabio Sasso.

Web Designer Wall

One of the best looking and best design blogs you can find. It’s maintained by known designer Nick La.

A List Apart

A List Apart is as they put it, one of the best resources “for people who make websites”.

Vandelay Design Blog

Whenever I hear about Vandelay, I think about Seinfeld. Unlike Seinfeld, Vandelay Design Blog isn’t about nothing, it’s about a lot, actually, a lot of great content.


Fubiz is one of the oldest design blogs on the web and one of the most popular with over 90.000 RSS subscribers. It follows all aspects of design, not only web and graphic design.

David Airey

David Airey‘s blog is one of the oldest, and most known design blogs available. What I love most about this blog is the lack of list articles such as this one (yeah we can also do self-criticism) which are fun and great but a bit “everybody is doing this”.

Inspired Magazine

I remember when I first saw Inspired Magazine in their beginnings. It didn’t say much to me back then, but since then they came a long way and became one of our favorite blogs and one of the most popular.

Design Reviver



Reform & Revolution

The Cool Hunter – Design





Fuel Your Creativity






You The Designer

Web Resources Depot


Just Creative Design

PSD Vault

Build Internet



Productive Dreams

From up North

9rules Design Community

We Function

Did we miss any ?

Ah, right, we missed CrazyLeaf Design Blog, but considering you are reading this, it really would have been pointless to include it in the list.

Don’t be shy, now. It’s impossible to include all the good design blogs in an article, but if you know a great one that didn’t make the list, share it with everybody.

Written by CrazyLeaf Editorial

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