30 Creative Plastic Business Cards

Plastic business cards are wider and wider used these days. These kind of business cards have a series of advantages over classic business cards such as durability and from the designer’s point of view, the use of transparency. The developments in printing technology make plastic business cards printing cheaper than ever before making them a real alternative for classic business cards.

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Below you can find a showcase of 30 beautifully designed plastic business cards :

Translucent business cards

White shaded business card with areas of complete transparency.

Grafix Unlimited Business Card

clear business cards D-one

Spealeasy Plastic Business Card

The perforations on the left side of this card accentuate its message.

clear business cards Maria Datei

 Intank Plastic Business Card

Clear transparent plastic business cards

Beautiful 3 colors square business cards.

Dario Monetini Plastic Business Card

A bit of usability and humor integrated in the business card above. This effect would have been very hard to obtain with a traditional business card.

clear plastic business cards - biglietti da visita PVC trasparente bilucido

Tamiya Plastic Business Card

Amazing business card where the letters can be taken of the card and used to assemble different things as shown above.

clear business cards - biglietti da visita PVC trasparente bilucido

350mldesign Plastic Business Card

Plastic cards are also available with glossy finishes.

Clear business cards on PVC

Example of QR code usage on plastic business cards.

plastic business cards

Extreme Race Plastic Business Card

Plastic business cards can also be made flexible as the example above.

clear business cards

clear business cards

Imaginary Zebra Business Card

Beautiful and creative business card made to look as an x-ray. Another example of creativity only available in plastic designs.

clear business cards

Wildlabs Business Card

Frosted Business Cards

Multi-color printing is also available for plastic cards.

The Gamut Business Card

Kristal Visitenkarten aus Kunststoff - Biglietti da visita trasparenti

Transparente Visitenkarten aus Kunststoff

Rochelle Pastry Business Card

Fluid Audience Business Card 2011




Brand Identity Study - 001

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