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Consistency in branding is one of the golden rules of successful marketing. Most companies choose their brand logo and stick with it, using the same artwork on all promotional literature, often for many years. Not Google. The Google Doodle, as the logo is known, is one of the most distinctive elements of this dynamic organisation and users eagerly anticipate each new illustration, some even collect them!

Today's Google Doodle

While the core elements of the logo remain the same, Google have fun with their corporate logo and redesign it to reflect key dates, events and holidays across the globe. It’s brilliant way to reflect the personality, energy and dynamism of the company itself. Here’s a look at ten recent Google Doodles that display particular wit, creativity and style. Here’s a look at ten recent Google Doodles that display particular wit, creativity and style.

American Independence Day

American Independence Day Google Doodle

To celebrate this year’s July the 4th, Google released this fun visualisation of the American Dream. It incorporates iconic representations of the Statue of Liberty, the Golden Gate Bridge and the Rockies and features tongue in cheek humor in the shape of a cowboy hat wearing horse, a white picket fence and a guitar all the way from Orange County.

Google’s 13th Birthday

Google's 13 Birthday Doodlle

When Google turned 13 earlier this year, their creative team released this brilliant Doodle. Based around the concept of the logo having its very own party, it manages to remind users of their own childhood parties and successfully reinforces Google’s personality and charm.

Jim Henson’s Birthday

Jim Henson's Birthday Google Doodle

The much loved creator of The Muppet Show who sadly passed away in 1990 was recently honoured with his own Google Doodle. The designers took six Henson-inspired creatures based on the colours, size and shape of the standard logo – proving you don’t even need to use text or type when a brand is as instantly recognisable as Google.

Hangul Proclamation Day

Hangul Proclamation Google Doodle

Hangul Proclamation Day, or Korean Alphabet Day, celebrates the invention of hangul, the native alphabet of the Korean language. This iconic, typographic Doodle takes a step away from the traditional logo layout and instead uses a striking square type-box to spell out Google in hangul.

Freddie Mercury’s 65th Birthday

Freddie Mercury’s 65th Birthday

As a tribute to the front man of Queen, this Google Doodle, revealed on what would have been the singer’s 65th birthday, uses illustration based on iconic stills from their videos and album artwork. Typographically this Doodle is particularly interesting, using Freddie Mercury in an instantly recognisable pose to replace the letter L and incorporating the type into elements of the memorabilia.

Lucille Ball’s 100th Birthday

Lucille Ball’s 100th Birthday Google Doodle

This Google Doodle says “happy birthday” to Lucille Ball by referencing her famous TV show I Love Lucy. It uses the same typography, colour scheme and design as the opening credits and encases it within a television set from the era.

Uganda Independence Day

Uganda Independence Day Google Doodle

On the 9th October 1962 Uganda gained independence from the United Kingdom. This Doodle features the national emblem of the grey crowned crane, the colours from the Ugandan flag in the typography and the independence monument, created by sculptor Gregory Maloba.

Gregor Mendel’s 189th Birthday

Gregor Mendel’s 189th Birthday Google Birthday

Gregor Mendel was an Austrian scientist who founded the science of genetics. His work was based around his findings from researching pea plants, which form the inspiration behind this conceptually clever Doodle.

Reunification Day

Reunification Day Google Doodle

To celebrate the union of East and West Germany, this Google Doodle uses a series of flags to simply, effectively and strikingly communicate the one-ness of the German people.

Mihajlo Pupin’s Birthday

Mihajlo Pupin’s Birthday Google Doodle

This charming Google Doodle celebrates the birthday of the Serbian scientist whose work extended the range of long-distance telephone calls. It uses different colours and textures to depict different geographical positions and adopts a charmingly childish illustration style to highlight the very personal affect his discoveries made on our ability to communicate cross-distance.

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