Businessman Working Dashboard Strategy Research Concept
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Create a Promotional Design for an Analytics Company

Businessman Working Dashboard Strategy Research Concept
Businessman Working Dashboard Strategy Research Concept

Looking to bring in new clients for your content analytics business?

Whether you’re creating flyers, business cards, or graphics for Instagram, a strong promotional design is a key element to selling your services and growing your company’s brand.

Here’s a quick guide to help you make consistently great designs for your business!

1. Don’t Let Design Get in the Way

While it may seem counterintuitive, the first step to creating a great design is to forget about the creative element and focus on the practical.
In order to have a promotional piece that converts into leads and customers, be sure that the message is clear.
Use fonts that are easy to read. Use verbiage that is concise and drives your point home.
Once the purpose of the content is set, creating a strong promotional design around it becomes simpler.

2. Use Your Space Wisely

When adding images and color to your design think of empty space like real estate.
An overcrowded design will not be appealing to the eye and will likely confuse your target audience.
To combat the desire to jam too much content into a design, use the grid tools in photo editing software. These tools give you a visual indication of how to best use space.

3. Make it Pop

Creating a piece that really catches peoples’ attention is the most fun and challenging part of promotional design work.
For starters, try experimenting with bright or neon colors. Use bold fonts that stand out. Vary the font and font size throughout the design to engage your audience.

4. Be Consistent

Speaking of color and typeface, you’ll want to keep these design elements consistent with your brand. Doing so will help you build brand recognition over time.
The goal with consistency is to ensure that people will recognize where the design is from, even if they don’t catch your company name on first glance.
Use your logo, company colors, and graphics to achieve brand consistency across your designs, website, and social media.
For example, [email protected] Audience Segmentation uses a simple red and white theme consistently in its website layout on each page.

5. Focus on the Audience

As you develop the purpose of your design, ask yourself “why would a customer care about this design?”
Are you promoting a special offer or discount? If you’re promoting your services, focus on how your business solves your customers’ content related pain points.

6. Have a Return Path

In order to gauge the effectiveness of your designs, always strive to have a return path to your audience and potential customers.

Leave your contact information on the design. Include a unique promo code or tell your audience to mention the flyer or card when they reach out.

By knowing what resonates with your audience, you’ll create better designs as you continue to market your business in the future!

Get Your Promotional Design Underway!

With these six tips and a solid plan, you’re on your way to creating stunning promotional material to bring in new customers for your content analytics company!

Have you seen promo material that blew you away recently? Have a promotional design tip that we might’ve missed?

Let us know in the comments!

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