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Whatever you may call it – 3D modelling, 3D animation, or 3D rendering, they all refer to the construction of graphics on 3 plans – X, Y, and Z. For designers within this realm, here’s a cool little site that we’d like to share with you.

CGStudio is a new marketplace and platform where you’ll find a ton of 3D resources. Created for CG people to explore the infinite possibilities of computer graphics, the core concept behind CGStudio is to break down the barriers between CG for both commercial and personal cg activities. Those of you looking for textures, HDRIs and 3D models, CGStudio is the ideal place to find high quality items at low prices.



The site’s also been optimized for easy navigation and search – so if you’re looking for say, car 3D models, just key in your query and a quick search will give you all the results. You can also select your specifications, be it 3D print ready, game ready, animated or rigged. You can also choose your desired price range and results will generate only the products that you may be interested in.



CGStudio offers a wide range of items from cars to building to humans to objects. Everything you ever needed is a click away! One of the best features from CGStudio is the available file formats. Buyers should have no problems getting a compatible format since conversion to your preferred format can be made upon purchase.

cgstudio _1

But, buyers aren’t the only ones who will benefit from CGStudio. Authors will also be glad to learn that this is an ideal place for them, too. If you’re a creator of 3D models, textures, and so on, you may decide to your work for 60% of the profits. CGStudio takes care of site and author promotions in order to benefit each other and to help members obtain and explore new opportunities.

cgstudio _2


Authors are also exempt from taxes and VAT as this is covered by the company from their profit range without reducing your royalty rate nor charging the customers. Opening an account with CGStudio is free, and so is listing your items on the marketplace. Other benefits include being able to sell your items elsewhere (no exclusivity lock-in) and being able to set your own prices. This gives you the flexibility of adjusting your profits while CGStudio exposes you to over a million potential buyers each month.

So if you believe that this is a great opportunity for you, whether you are a buyer or a customer, head on over to their website.

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