6 Examples of Highly Creative Brand Identity Concepts

This week we’re rounding up examples of creative brand identity from around the globe. Possibly the most crucial of business elements, a brand’s identity tells your customer who you are and what you do.

Without the proper message, you stand to lose your customers and ultimately the game of business. Today we take a look at a wide range of businesses from restaurants to mobile to personal branding. We’ll start off with some identity work for the biggest business in town, food.

Tokyo Cafe

tokyo cafe tokyo cafe

I’m sure most of you realize that anything that exudes Japan is either cute and cuddly or simple and elegant. With soft, earth-toned colors, and a splash of pastel colors in contrast, Tokyo Cafe is definitely the latter. I really appreciate the scientific and holistic approach taken here especially when coining the logo. The message is exceptionally pure and clear cut. Tokyo Cafe.

The Burger Lab

the burger lab the burger lab icons

I’d love to work on the Burger Lab brand as it’s so fresh and playful. Every detail shouts fun from the logo down to the take out box. The bold and edgy colors are true to the brand’s identity and really translates to a fun dining experience. The Burger Lab



Travel, talk, save. That’s really all this product is. Clear cut message and a great combination of nemonic using a sim card and travel luggage to create a logo, the converts into packaging. The identity carries through in all mediums including roadshows, website, and product. TravelSim 

Caroline Boisvert

caroline 1

caroline 1

Who is Caroline? She’s a Results coach. Her product is obviously her service to help you achieve results – which has been highlighted in the progress bars. Her business card speaks for her. It’s a unique card that really stands out from the rest, and this reflects her services. Unique and bold, great execution that translates exceptionally well. Caroline Boisvert.

Best Office

best office 1 best office 1

As a document solutions, printer company, you can already tell what the logo represents. It’s 2 papers being printed. Nicely done, along with a slew of other merchandises like mugs, folders, pens and even clips. Two -tone colors are practical and translates well over all mediums. Best Office.

DJ Business Card

dj business card

Anyone in the music business will tell you that it’s a dog eat dog world. So it’s one thing to sound good and to stay afloat in the sea of madness, but it’s another when it comes to the business side of things. This card generated a lot of hype as it successfully registered with people and at the same time it got nominated in many award shows. DJ Mohit


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