Build your own free website with Wix – 10 gorgeous examples

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Building your own website doesn’t have to be mission impossible, nor something worthy of breaking your piggy bank. allows you to build the website you always dreamed of whether you’re a professional web designer, or a web newborn. The beauty of it is that not only does it gives you rich content, but it’s also search engine friendly, so it can really promote you as a professional in your industry and get you business and traffic.

Getting started with Wix

Getting started with Wix is simple and fun. Just set a goal. Explore other Wix user’s sites to get inspired and your competitor’s one to get better. After doing so, we recommend going old school: grab a pencil and a paper to draw a rough sketch and map out your site. Next stage: The welcoming editor, a very easy to use free website builder that lets you be as creative as you want with an easy drag n’ drop tool. Then you can upload every document, photo, video or MP3 file you want to enrich your content. Of course you can have the website designed with Wix and hosted on your server, preferably a dedicated server that has an email security software.

We gathered some great looking websites created with Wix to showcase how impressive your result can be!

Georgij Merjas is a Russian photographer that built this spectacular website with his own artist portfolio, showcasing his variety of styles


Big John’s Mountain Grill used the website builder to create a mouth-watering, eye-catching free Flash website, with Flash animation, automated photo galleries, beautiful sliding page transitions and high-contrast text and logos. This website makes a powerful impression on its visitors and is an excellent tool for promoting and enhancing the restaurant’s brand

Mountain Grill

The designers of Excelsior Comics took full advantage of the latest design elements offered by Wix. Their free Flash website uses a dynamic combination of Flash design elements, and HTML widgets, resulting in a visually stimulating, highly interactive website.

Comix Shop

Cherie Michels, the creator of Munkybuns, used Wix to make a free website to showcase her hand-made creations and offer them for sale. The playful look of the Munkybuns sock toys is replicated in the design of the Munkybuns site.


Immortal Tattoo used the Wix website builder for their business website. Watch videos of the artists at work, and check out photos of their remarkable creations.


Animation artist and cinematographer Torgeir Ensrud used the Wix website creator to show off his talent. Have fun exploring the depths of his dark universe.

Animation Artist

Wix’s free website builder was used to create a free website for this aspiring model. Scroll through Inge’s gallery of photographs and contact her directly.


Wix’s website builder enabled Samuel Vernon Crowder to create his graphic design site, Really Big Snowman. Watch animation videos and visit the artist’s blog.


This organization expertly combined Wix’s free website design elements to get its message across. Jump into the color world created by this visionary group.


Gotham Sport Management’s impressive Flash website uses design and sound to convey professionalism and class. Visit their website and see for yourself.


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