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Virtual Privare Networks (VPN) have become popular because we all want to browse the internet in a way that’s safe and secure. The main question is which VPN is the best one, and how do you decide which features stand out? After reviewing all the pros and cons of the various VPN options, we’ve found the one we believe to be the best Android VPN. It’s easy to see why it stands out. It’s Surfshark VPN. 

What Sets Surfshark VPN Apart?


The sheer power and number of features are part of what sets Surfshark VPN apart, but the speed and ease-of-use top the list. Located in the British Virgin Islands, with more than 800 servers spread across 49 countries, it’s a user-friendly application that packs the punch you need to protect your phone and other devices from unsolicited attention and snooping.  


Instead of a convoluted app and complicated process for implementation, you can protect your phone with a single click. It’s just that well-designed. Surfshark VPN also supports an uncapped number of devices to access a single account, which sidesteps the annoyance and cost factor of the limited-connections runaround. That unlimited device connectivity also means that you can also just hook everything up, and ensure the highest level of safety and security across your digital spaces and environs. 

What About Support & Reliability? 


Surfshark offers comprehensive 24/7 live chat support to resolve any issues, but it’s also easy to just turn the app and forget about it. Surfshark’s reliable network and features allow me to easily control and optimize the secure flow of data on my iOS or Android devices, with macOS, Windows, Fire TV Stick apps, and Linux apps with the tap of a single “Connect” button. Beyond the indication of your connection, you can also see your new IP address and virtual location. 


Here are the features that stand out: 

  • Whitelister: This is a huge one. It allows some sites and applications to bypass the VPN. So, you can access Netflix or other similar sites without turning off the VPN. It also works great for allowing you to access online banking or other security-restricted apps. It’s a granular level of access and functionality that allows you to easily determine and control access to data. 
  • Kill Switch: Shakscan disconnects the internet connection and flow of data if the VPN connection is disconnected for any reason. By killing the connection, you’re protected, and your data is never exposed.
  • CleanWeb: It blocks ads, trackers, and malware to ensure safe and secure browsing and data transfer. 
  • MultiHop: This impressive feature allows you to connect via multiple countries to mask your footprint and ensure better ID protection. With 13 routes available, you can use one country for the initial connection and then use a second country as the location where you’ll appear to be located.  
  • Camouflage: Think of it as the next level of cyber security. Not even your ISP can tell that you’re on a VPN. Your connection is private and secure. 
  • Hide Your IP: As the next level of security, you can also hide your real IP address for better security and ID protection. 
  • No Borders: With heightened international restrictions, this important feature allows you to use the Surfshark VPN in restricted regions. It could just save lives. 
  • Encryption: You’re protected by AES-256-GCM encryption, the industry-leading level to protect your privacy and data.
  • Secure Protocols: It’s your choice of IKEv2/IPsec or OpenVPN, and you can easily switch between the two secure protocols for greater flexibility and interconnectivity across devices and virtual locations. 
  • Use Small Packets: This feature allows you to control the data stream in a more granular way, which in turn supports improved performance and functionality when connected to some mobile networks. 

You can also easily tweak the settings via the “Settings,” which offers a level of robust flexibility and power that’s easy to appreciate. Surfshark also offers a comprehensive support site, as well as a live chat instant-access feature and email contact form, so you can immediately get the support you need no matter where you are in the world. 

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Surfshark VPN


It’s a no-brainer. Surfshark stands head-and-shoulders above the other VPN options not only because it’s fast and easy to use, but also because you’ve got access to an array of powerful features and functionality that will protect you both now and in the future. Whether you’re looking for instant security or flexible control over your online security presence, Surfshark offers the level of service and support that you need.


The bottom line is that you don’t want to be an easy target for hackers or other malicious malcontents who are eagerly working to compromise you and your data. It’s not a game. It’s not something that you can or should ignore. You must protect yourself and your family with the best security features, encryption, and data-protection functionality. After reviewing all the pros and cons of the various VPN options, we’ve found the one we believe to be the best Android VPN. It’s easy to see why it stands out. It’s Surfshark VPN


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