How to Use Audience Targeting to Reach the Right Customers

When you’re marketing your business, you need to make sure someone is listening. Wasting your budget on targeting everyone can lead to financial problems.

Defining your target audience is a crucial move that doesn’t only save your campaign budget. It also helps you understand how to better connect with your demographic.

So, how do you start audience targeting?

In this guide, we give you everything you need to know how to target your audience. We’ll give you some tips you can use to make the best use of your targeting campaigns.

1. Perform Geofencing

One way to target your audience is to perform what we call “geofencing.” When you’re geofencing, you target a specific general area for your marketing campaigns. This can be a specific city, state, or even different general areas.

When someone goes into a pre-defined area for your audience targeting, they will trigger your campaign. This will then serve them a variety of responses, which includes ads.

If you want to capture more of your target audience, you want to target mobile users. Geofencing mobile can help more people notice your pages. By targeting the audience within your preferred geolocation, you only serve ads to people in that area.

This means you get to save money by targeting only people that your products serve. If you have a local business, you can use this to your advantage.

2. Do Market Research

When you target your audience, it’s best to try and find the specific needs of that potential audience. By focusing on people who can and will connect with what you offer, you can get better, superior audiences.

To help connect with your target audience, gather data to narrow down your focus. Look for ways to find the right demographic who will respond well to your marketing. By doing market research, you can find out who the right people are for your marketing.

3. Use Social Media

A great way to connect with the right people is to use social media. Many social media platforms have built-in targeting analytics that will automate details for you.

Whether you prefer to use Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, you can get as much granular control as possible. Every social media platform has a list of all the demographic data you need to target your audience. Choose the right age, geolocation, and even likes and dislikes of your target audience.

4. Refine Your Message With AB Testing

The most vital part of targeting your audience is adjusting your message to fit the people you want. You want to speak the same language as your target audience, and you want to address the concerns that they have with different topics.

If you want to see which of your messages work, you need to do some AB testing. By AB testing, you can measure which messages resonate best with specific people. By measuring the metrics that each message gets, like sales or conversions, you can refine your message further.

Use Audience Targeting to Your Advantage!

When it comes to audience targeting, the best way to connect with your audience is to do proper research. Whether it’s targeting a certain area or learning the right message people care about, you get better responses each time.

Looking for more marketing tips and tricks? Check out our other guides. We have a variety of marketing how-to’s that can help give your business a competitive edge — and get you more conversions!

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