57 Beautiful Bear Logos Design Ideas (Inspirational)

Today, we will be taking a look at one true wild nature’s source of inspiration, “bears” and in particular bear logos. Nature, in logo design, has provided along the course of time, amazing and countless sources of inspiration for designers and artists all around the world. Creating a “bear” inspired logo is most certainly not an easy task, but also can be quite entertaining.

There are multiple ways of using bears when designing a logo. Simplified, abstracted, or empowered representations of bears convey the designs various intrinsic features, from cuteness, fun and play to wilderness, ferocity, and incredible power. Without too much further ado let’s have a look at 57 wonderful “bear” inspired logo designs. For more bear logo ideas you can always search Dribble for bear logosBehance for bear logos or graphic stock.

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Polar Bear Logo

Backflipping Bear Whaaa

Backflipping Bear Whaaa Logo


MoonBear Logo

Boki animated logo

animated bear logo









logo challenge 1

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This might be my favorite logo! The gif makes the bear happily bounce while pulling a small rolling suitcase!

Pliusinuku namai

Pliusinuku namai Logo


Bear Logo


BlueBear Logo


Toblerone Logo


Snowblower Logo

Cub Studio

animated bear logo









This is a really fun animated logo. The animation is delivered through a .gif.


LeJoy Logo


Bear6 Logo

Charlie Bear

Charlie Bear Logo

Square Bear

Square Bear Logo

Beers Of The NW

Beers Of The NW Logo




profitbear Logo

Ken’s Sporting Goods

Ken's Sporting Goods Logo


Keule Logo

Toys atelier

Toys atelier Logo

First Toy

First Toy Logo

Bear quotes

Bear quotes Logo


Gotosleep Logo

Little Bear

Little Bear Logo


Nightcap Logo

Bear Logo

bear Logo

Another Bear

Another Bear Logo

Toy Tree, the happy bear

Toy Tree, the happy bear Logo


Robinson Logo

Boston Bruins

Boston Bruins Logo


Bear Logo

Bear Mountain

Bear Mountain Logo


 BTBG Logo

Brother Bear

 Brother Bear Logo

Fortunate Bear

Fortunate Bear Logo

Polar Multimedia

 Polar Multimedia Logo

Thready Bear

 Thready Bear Logo


 RusKompas Logo


threadbear Logo


 Chefrent Logo

Bear Wear

Bear Wear Logo

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Urso Wine

Urso Wine Logo

Bearly Awake

Bearly Awake Logo


Honeyland Logo

Fighting Wall Street

Fighting Wall Street Logo

polar ice

polar ice Logo

Claire Bear

Claire Bear Logo


Igrografika Logo


Bear Logo


Imnorth Logo

Bakken Bears

Bakken Bears Logo


Bear Logo

Bear Badge

Bear Badge









This logo by Mark Farris shows a bear badge.

Bear with a Bowl

bear with noodles and chopsticks













This is a fun bear that makes you want to eat enough to hibernate all winter! Unfortunately, it looks like this is a concept that wasn’t chosen by the client.

Storage Company Bear Logo

storage logo













This design has over 3,000 views on Dribbble. Nice job Simc!

Bear Outline Side Profile

side profile snout and ear

Standing Bear










This outline is a logo reminds me of Baloo.

Hoping you had a great time getting inspired by nature’s one of most wonderful creatures, we wish you good luck with your future “bear” inspired design works. Feel free to share your thoughts on the logos you liked best, or just to say hi.


Written by Felix Diaconu

Felix Diaconu is a full time web designer and a freelance logo designer with an incredible passion for amazing logo works. You can follow him on Twitter or check out his portfolio on Dribbble

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