5 Reasons Why You Need to Animate Your Logo

A new animated your logo could make your brand far more attractive to consumers.

For example, GIFs, which are one way to present an animated logo on your website, are rapidly rising in popularity online. Harness this trend to drive your brand forward!

Here are 5 reasons why you need to animate your logo.

  1. They’re Eye-Catching

Movement draws the eye, and a flashy animated logo will be more memorable than a static one.

Don’t go over the top – keep it simple, but attractive. Subtlety is better than being over the top with your use of movement and color.

Try using a logo generator to help you experiment with ideas for how to animate your logo.

  1. Animate Your Logo For SEO Reasons

Animation has already been tipped as a good thing for brands whose products are fundamentally interactive.

There’s every chance that animation could help to boost your SEO ranking – as Google itself is a big fan of animation, demonstrated by its own Google Doodles.

But images are always a good bet for SEO either way. Just make sure they’re optimized themselves (reasonable size, alt text and so on).

  1. Increase Brand Awareness and Attractiveness

Logos are used to associate all products and websites with a particular brand. By using animation, you’re helping customers to make this connection more quickly than a static logo. Because you’re grabbing their attention with a moving object.

Immediately making the connection between logo and brand is powerful, as customers’ brand recognition will be much stronger in the future. Here’s an example from graphic designer Mathew Butler



  1. Tell A Story

An animated logo can illustrate what your company is about. Think of it as an opportunity to present a (brief) story.

For one basic example, think of an airline which has chosen to base its logo around the image of a plane. As a static image, that’s fairly uninspiring.

But how about a stylish looped GIF of planes taking off and landing? That’s just one example of how animation can capture your audience’s imaginations.

  1. Be Unique

You need to be using innovative web design in order to stand out from your competition. Animated logos are still a relatively new idea, so being one of the first will make you a leader, not a follower.

There are thousands of logos in use today, but it’s often easy to see the similarities or common styles between many of them. And some of them are just plain boring.

So do something new instead of following the well-trodden path of static logo design.

You can really connect to your audience when they’re seeing something new, and something which isn’t an obvious rehash of old ideas.

Other Ways to Improve Your Website

Besides a cool new animated logo, there are many other ways to improve your web presence.

We’ve got loads more information about how to build a great website – from advice on how much it should cost to getting visitors to return, and much more.

Visit our blog to see how you could improve your site with our useful tips.

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