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3 Effective Travel Website SEO Tips You Should Be Using

Did you know the online travel market in North America generates $190.4 billion in digital sales? The competition is fierce. But, with the right travel website SEO, you too can tap into this lucrative industry.


Tried a few strategies and got nowhere?


Let’s make an itinerary of what needs to be done.

Pin These Travel Website SEO Strategies on Your Growth Map

Travel SEO is competitive as the industry. Popular platforms dominated the popular destinations. It’s frustrating when you’re a small operation. Yet, there are SEO opportunities abound.



1. Create Destination Silos

Amateur travel writers update as they go. They’re treating the site like a journal. This makes internal navigation a true pain. Their travel website SEO relies on a nonstop flow of content to hit performance metrics.


The problem: Performance isn’t sustainable.


A better way to do travel SEO is by forming content silos based on destinations. This gives visitors a one-stop-shop for all information related to a destination. It creates a page with heavy SEO “weight”. This includes highly-relevant LSI keywords and phrases and internal links.


Creating these silos are easy:


  1. Define the main keyword (e.g. Tampa, FL)
  2. Create a 1-2k+ word overview of the location
  3. Include a blog feed with posts targeted the location


These actions create a “product” for your website. Its relevancy makes it easier to interlink and promote alongside your social campaigns.

2. Link Building

Travel writers are great storytellers. Yet, few have mastered the art of link building. Their inexperience presents a technical travel website SEO edge with your efforts.

Link building is easy with these strategies:


  1. Engaged content creators and encourage backlinks from their content
  2. Spend more time doing social media marketing to increase brand authority
  3. Roll out video for YouTube marketing efforts and embed videos in posts
  4. Create more content (since this will give others more to link and share)
  5. Make the travel site attractive because people love pretty things


Place 20% of your effort creating the content. Use 80% of your time promoting the stuff. Links come as it reaches interested parties and influencers.

3. Get There!

I’ve read far too many travel blogs offering content for places you know the site owner hasn’t been to. The content is nice but it lacks authenticity. If I wanted to read a “top 10 things to do in X” I’d at generic travel sites.


You need to practice what you preach!


This means being part of the travel experience. It means getting out of those timeshares (Primo Management Group can help with that). Or, typical AirBnb’s having you cover the same, boring topics.


Know what readers want to see and read?


  • Trips through the odd parts of town
  • Personal interactions with the locals
  • Culture found only when you’re there


These hyper-specific experiences lend to the long-tail SEO. Sharing unique experiences will include targeted keywords competitors haven’t touched. The inclusion of these keywords gives you a wider reach (and placement) in a search.

What You Can Do (Right Now)

We encourage you to explore our site. Don’t just read blog posts… use the information! This could include improving photos or learning the lingo of online marketing. Get familiar with online strategies. Then, commit to making those travel website SEO improvements.


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