7 Ways To Improve Your Website in 2018

What are your goals for the New Year? Do you want to see business growth, better brand recognition and increase sales?  Your website will make a great place to start. Your website is important to ensure your business’ success – but is it doing what you need right now? Enjoy a fresh start this year by using the following tips to help you improve your website.


1. Consider building a new one

It might sound like the most drastic solution, but if your website is looking a bit tired or needs to be modernized – it could be better to start from scratch. Your domain name can still be exactly the same, so existing visitors will know where to find you, but they’ll be met with a much more polished product when they get there. Building a new website is easier than ever, and a visit to this homepage will give you all the advice you need on choosing the right website building platform. A new website is a great way to refresh your business, helping you start off the new year in style.

2. Refresh your design

If building a brand new website is too much to consider, you might want to think about refreshing the design instead. A new design will have many benefits for your website, giving it a stylish look while also helping to make it easier to navigate. If you need some website design inspiration, take a look at what other businesses similar to you are doing or simply browse those of your favourite companies.

3. Boost your security

Cybersecurity is one of the most important issues facing businesses at the moment, with the threat of hacking getting more and more real. Cybersecurity is something that needs to be constantly evaluated to make sure the latest defenses are in place while maintaining the privacy of clients and those who use your website is paramount. There are different steps your company can take to improve cybersecurity, and they don’t all necessarily revolve around your website.


Make sure that you provide training to employees on how to avoid phishing scams, how to handle data both online and offline as well as simple tips for maintaining their own security online. There is a huge financial and reputational risk for companies who are caught out as a result of online crime, but there are plenty of things you can do to prevent it.

4. Improve your content

Content is everything when it comes to your website. Before, people could spend hours browsing away trying to find something interesting but now – your users’ time is precious. There is a myth that exists around the ‘8-second attention span’ that suggests people have little time to browse online, making it crucial to capture their attention within eight seconds. However, more people are now beginning to question whether or not it’s a case of too much choice, and not time that makes competing for a user’s attention so crucial.


Regardless of the answer, improving your website content will help give you an edge over the competition. Make it visual, make it fun or make it dynamic – video, audio and strong images can all add some interest to your website. Focusing on the media can help you to hook them in from your homepage, and hopefully encourage them to stick around to make a purchase or to get in touch.


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5. Think about the user experience

User experience is an important term in the world of websites. Whether or not you’ve given it much thought in the past, it’s definitely something to think about in 2018. User experience is important for giving your website visitors some value when they reach your page, as well as ensuring that they can navigate easily. A web page that is too complicated, clunky or performs slowly will be a detriment to your business, so thinking about the user experience could help you to make some huge changes. There are several user experience strategies to consider in 2018, and they could help add a whole new dimension to your online presence.

6. Work on your digital marketing strategy

Digital marketing is vital for getting your website seen by a large number of people. Social media marketing, in particular, is one of the best and cheapest ways to promote your website, giving you platforms with access to all sorts of audiences who could be interested in your business. It’s worth observing the digital marketing trends for 2018 that could give you some inspiration for how to improve your promotion strategy.


Among the key things to look out for in 2018 include the growing use of live video, higher video consumption and an increasing need for content marketing. While not all will be relevant to your business, there is the possibility that some of 2018’s top digital marketing trends could bring huge growth potential to your business is you pull them off.

7. Strengthen your SEO

SEO continues to be important for businesses, and even if you think you’ve nailed this part of website management  – there’s always room for improvement. The right SEO strategy can help you to reach an even wider number of users, and by taking some of the above points on board, you could offer them an impressive product when they land on your page. There are some advanced SEO strategies that are worth exploring to help you identify areas where you could strengthen your SEO. It’s something you should continue to work on throughout the year to see continued growth in your website’s traffic.


Get the new year off to the best start for your business by taking a long, hard look at your website. Try seeing it from an outside perspective as a way to work out what can be improved, what needs changing and what new life you can breathe into it. Some improvements might be small, while others might require additional resources – but it’ll be worth it to make sure you get it right. Help your business to grow in 2018 by making some much-needed improvements to your website.



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