11 Digital Graphic Design Cheat Sheets That every Graphic Designer Needs

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Looking for a one-stop resource for all of your digital design needs?


While anyone can take up digital graphic design, it’s important to know the ins and outs of pantone codes and keyboard shortcuts.


With the industry constantly changing, it can be hard to know where to turn when you need some design how-tos. Luckily, graphic design cheat sheets do exist, and they’ve been helping designers of all levels get through the basics and beyond.


Read on to learn about our favorite cheatsheets out there that you can have at the ready for any of your ongoing projects.

1. Elements of Design

As a digital graphic designer, it’s important to have a solid grasp of the foundational elements of design. Brush up on your knowledge of texture, hues, shapes, and sizes by referring to these elements of design refresher by Paper Leaf Blog.


You’ll also be able to download desktop wallpapers of this cheat sheet to have on screen at all times. Check out Paper Leaf’s Color Theory and Principles of Design cheat sheets too.


Other viable elements of design cheat sheets include those by Canva.

2. Logo Design

Digital graphic design gets in the world of marketing and branding. It’s key to have an understanding of logo design so that you can feel confident in the world of digital marketing.


Keep this logo cheat sheet on hand to keep in mind what makes for a successful logo.

3. iOS Design Guidelines

iOS is leading the front of digital graphic design and you’ve got to feel savvy with this system. This is especially the case because iOS is constantly updating.


Browse for iOS design guidelines from a variety of sources and online blogs, including Ivo Mynttinen and Cult of Mac.

4. Keyboard Shortcuts

Tired of memorizing all of those keyboard shortcuts for your digital design programs? Download an Adobe or Gimp keyboard shortcut wallpaper so that you can have it on your screen at all times.


You can find wallpapers for Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Flash from a variety of sources or through a quick Google image search. Designers will be especially keen to work from the Photoshop Toolbox keyboard shortcuts cheat sheet.


Check out Gimp and InDesign keyboard shortcut cheat sheets as well–all searchable online.

5. Top Fonts Of the Industry

As a digital graphic design aficionado, you speak the language of colors, shapes, and fonts. Stay on top of your font game by knowing what’s popular in the industry.


Search for cheat sheets and wallpapers on leading fonts web designers use, as well as font forms preferred by customers.

6. Color: Psychology and Pantone Codes

People talk about color all the time when it comes to digital graphic design. Shore up your knowledge of the effect color has in your work by browsing psychology of color cheat sheets.


These sheets will serve as a good reminder of the impact color choices can have in certain designs and projects, a crucial aspect of intentional branding.


Pantone codes cheat sheets will give you your color anthology that you’ll need on hand as you work through projects.

7. Theory of Color Cheat Sheets

Let’s stick with the color theme–it’s important.


Another cheat sheet you want to stow away for future use is one on color theory. This goes beyond color psychology and palette.


The best theory of color infographics will break downmixing and blending, primary and secondary colors, and color integration. Keep an RGB vs CMYK cheat sheet on hand as well for numbers on color potential and variants.

8. Brush and Stroke Guides

If you’re an active user of Adobe Photoshop, check out the Photoshop CS6 Brush Guide so that you’ll feel fluent in any brush stroke. You’ll also want to investigate an Adobe Pen Tool Technique cheat sheet.


Both of these are searchable online, in addition to other digital design program brush and stroke guides.

9. Infographic Layout Cheat Sheet

Infographics are becoming a leading force in the world of digital marketing. It’s key to have the fundamentals of infographic design down to be successful as a graphic designer.


Browse infographic layout cheat sheets so you’ll always know what layout to choose based off of what information you’re displaying. Also hunt for infographic specifications guides that can assist with information organization, color, and general design.


Whether you’re designing an infographic for Intrinio or your own digital marketing team, you’ll never run out of ideas.

10. Social Media Blueprinting

Fluency in all social media channels is essential to the career path of any graphic designer. If you find yourself navigating the world of social media design, use a social media blueprinting cheat sheet to do so.


These cheat sheets will have all the specifications you need for image sizing and layout when it comes to posting content on Facebook, Twitter, and beyond. Some will also assist with multimedia factors, such as video or audio.

11. Designer Terms Defined

There really is a language when it comes to digital graphic design. Make sure you know how to speak it by downloading a cheat sheet for top designer terms and their definitions.


You may also want to hunt for photography and printing terminology cheat sheets.

Digital Graphic Design Cheat Sheets

As a digital graphic designer, you don’t have to go it alone. Joining the online community of designers means taking advantage of the help that’s out there for you to create your dream projects.


When it comes to cheat sheets, our favorites focus on the essentials. Check out cheat sheets about social media content blueprinting, common terms of the industry, and keyboard shortcuts for digital design programs.


Brush up on your brushstrokes with Gimp and Adobe guides and make sure you’re solid on infographic layout and logo crafting with handy cheat sheets.


At the end of the day, search for cheat sheets that you can download as screen wallpapers so that you can have them on hand throughout any project.


At Crazy Leaf Design, we’re all about the world of digital graphic design and welcoming people into the design world. Check out our amazing selection of tutorials so that you can feel confident in your design capacities today.


Don’t see your favorite cheat sheet on this list? Share your favorites in the comments below.


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