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10 SEO Tips for New Bloggers That’ll Increase Your Blog’s Traffic

Are you looking to build your brand or business through your website’s blog?


Did you know that over 400 million people view blog posts each month and businesses with blogs receive 55% more traffic than companies without?


Blogging can be lucrative, but with high competition and algorithms that constantly evolve, it’s tough for new bloggers to stand out!


Read on to learn 10 SEO tips that will help you increase your traffic!

1. Research Your Keywords

Don’t plan your blog posts recklessly.


Before you decide on topics and keywords, spend time doing proper keyword research to know what your target audience is searching for.


There are a number of keyword research tools, including Google’s Keyword Planner, that can help you accomplish this task.


Focus on metrics such as search volume, clicks, return rate, and keyword difficulty. Put together a spreadsheet or word document of viable keyword candidates for future use.


As you’re researching, don’t forget to consider long tail keywords. While these might have lower search volume, people using these keywords will have a higher purchase intent!

2. Vary Your Content

No need to hit creative roadblocks on your blog.


If you’re wondering how to get traffic to your blog, mixing up your content is an SEO tactic to test out.


Consider using images, videos, and infographics in your blog posts.


Vary the length of your blog posts! Longer content will allow you to educate and inform your audience better than short 500-word posts!

3. Be Consistent

To really build a loyal blog audience, branding and posting consistency is crucial.


For starters, make sure you choose a website design that matches your niche, your logo, and your brand colors. Doing so will help establish a recognizable image that your audience will remember over time.


Most important to your SEO strategy is a consistent publishing frequency of posts per month.


Blogs that post more than 10 times per month will see a larger volume of traffic than companies that only post 4 times per month.


Don’t get overwhelmed though! Find a content load that is suitable for you and stick to it. You can always increase as time goes on.

4. Get Backlinks Naturally

If you’ve been researching how to increase blog traffic fast, you’ve probably heard a thing or two about backlinks.


Having a solid link building strategy in place is a great way to increase traffic, but you need to tread with caution.


Google will penalize websites that pay for backlinks. Focus on building backlinks from reputable sources naturally.


This will take longer than paying a company for backlinks, but will work wonders for your page rank in the long run!

5. Don’t Neglect Social Media

Synchronize your social media strategy with your blogging strategy to create cross-traffic.


For each blog post that you publish, plan a content calendar to push your links to all of your social media profiles over the course of a week.


If you’re creating content that resonates with your followers, you’ll see an increase in traffic on your website and in engagement on Facebook, Twitter, and wherever else they hang out!

6. Viral Content is King

Speaking of social media, try to position your blog in a way that increases the sharability and virality of each post.


This strategy is can be simpler than many people think! First and foremost, start with crafting a viral headline.


Ask a question in your headline, be provocative, and make people want to click-through and check it out!

7. Guest Posting to Boost Your Presence

Much of this article has focused on your own blog, content, and social media.


While those aspects of your blog SEO strategy are necessities, focusing on partnerships and outside contributions are useful as well!


Think of ways that you can become a contributing writer for other blogs or websites in your industry.


Backlink these posts to your own blog and you can drive quality traffic to your website and establish yourself as an authority in your field.

8. Think Locally and Globally

Is the purpose of your blog to promote a local business?


If so, you’ll want to focus some attention on local SEO. For example, use keywords that are specific to the location of your business.


That said, don’t let a local SEO strategy overtake your desire to be a global brand. Building up traffic all around the world is a great way to position your brand as a wide-reaching online business for the future!

9. Don’t Be Shady with Your Keywords

If any of these SEO tips can help you avoid ranking issues it’s this one: don’t abuse keywords in your blog posts.


Google will penalize your website if you stuff your pages with irrelevant or extraneous keywords. This will halt your traffic growth fast.


Don’t risk your page rank. Follow the best practices for the number of keywords allowed in a given piece of content.

10. Be Original and Solve a Problem

Last but certainly not least, work to create blog posts that are original and address the needs, wants, fears, and goals of your target readers.


Don’t plagiarize or regurgitate content from your competitors or large brands. Instead, view each new blog post as a way to educate your audience and solve their problems.


This will establish you as an expert and allow you to choose keywords that are unique and specific.


As mentioned above, this will not only increase your traffic but also increase the quality of your traffic!

These SEO Tips Will Grow Your Blog!

By putting these 10 SEO tips into regular practice, you’ll be likely to see an increase in blog traffic and all the benefits that come with building an audience!


To help get started, consider doing an audit of your current SEO, blogging, and digital marketing strategies. Where are you excelling? Where could you do better?


Have you tried any of these tips? Know of any that we might’ve missed? Let us know your ideas in the comments!


For more actionable strategies for building your business online, check out our blog!

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