10 Ergonomic Tools That Will Save Designers Money

Some designers think ergonomics is a thing that’s nice-to-have, if you can afford it. On the contrary, these comfort devices could save you more in the long run.

The U.S. Department of Labor released a study, noting that one in every three dollars of a worker’s compensation goes to the treatment of repetitive stress injuries (RSI), amounting to roughly $20 billion paid by insurance companies annually.

While non-fatal, RSI can pose a significant threat to everyday living. This is a fact for graphic designers who constantly endure stress from extended hours working seated and facing a computer. These simple hazards might appear negligible at first, but as time passes by, it leads to bad posture, fatigue, a myriad of illnesses, and poor overall health.

If you are looking to make your work environment safer and your work hours more relaxing, then you ought to consider using these well-crafted ergonomic gears. It could save you more down the road.

eLink Pro Ergonomic Articulating Wrist Rest

10 Ergonomic Gears That Will Save Designers Money

Made of strong aluminum alloy, the eLink Pro Wrist Rest is flexible and freely adjustable. It relieves your arm of 90% weight and can support up to 22 pounds (10 kgs).

Aylio Comfort Foam Wedge Seat Cushion

The Aylio Seat Cushion reduces pressure around the bottom area and helps with lower back treatment. It fits snuggly in office chairs and car seats and has a machine-washable velour cover.

Gaiam Balance Ball Chairs

It might look weird, but the Gaiam Ball Chair is created by health and fitness experts to improve back health, aligning the spine and relieving pain. It includes an adjustable support bar, air pump, and glide casters.

Flash Furniture Mobile Kneeling Chair

10 Ergonomic Gears That Will Save Designers Money 2

With durable oak base and thick supporting cushions, the Flash Furniture Kneeling Chair works wonders in relieving lower back strain. It also corrects posture and promotes better breathing and blood circulation.

LuguLake Vertical Ergonomic Mouse

The LuguLake Vertical Mouse keeps your hand in neutral handshake position. It allows you to operate the buttons without contorting your fingers and relieves strain on your forearm, allowing for smoother movement.

It Is Desk Extender and Arm Rest

Similar to eLink Pro, the It Is Arm Rest reduces the pressure on the wrist and minimizes the strain around the neck, arm, and shoulder. This one, however, is made of ABS plastic, although it remains adjustable, being able to bend 180 degrees.

Imak Computer Glove

Unlike aforementioned products, the Imak Computer Glove puts emphasis on wrist protection and pain alleviation. It cushions the wrist from hard surfaces, shields it from computer heat, and significantly reduces, if not completely eliminate, Carpal Tunnel symptoms.

Lumber Extender Back Magic Plus

10 Ergonomic Gears That Will Save Designers Money 3

Sometimes, a simple stretch while standing up just isn’t enough. If you want to stretch your back more easily and effectively, the Lumber Extender Back Magic Plus can help you. Made of durable plastic, it is adjustable, lightweight, and portable.

Body Back Buddy Self-Massage Tool

This simple yet wonderful tool helps you massage any area of your body to reduce pain and prevent muscle injury. Made of thick plastic, the Body Back Buddy has 11 knobs and comes with comprehensive instructions and a lifetime warranty.

HDE Optical Finger Mouse

If you frequently work on or use a laptop, the HDE Optical Finger Mouse will be your friend. With this ergonomic gear, a mouse pad won’t be necessary; you can control the cursor by sliding your finger on any surface. It has your typical two buttons and scroll wheel as well as an adjustable strap to accommodate all finger sizes.

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