Why Every Web Designer Needs to Learn How to Code

Anyone who works in web design should be fluent in at least a few coding languages like HTML and CSS. Code is the glue that holds a website together, and you can’t confidently make changes to a site’s design if you don’t understand the language. Something as small as a misplaced comma can render a site unusable.

When you first start to learn coding, it may seem overwhelming at first. But really, it’s not as hard as you might think. Like any skill, it just takes practice. If you’re serious about becoming a web designer, you’ll need to invest time in learning at least one programming language. Here are just a few reasons why.


Knowing How to Code Will Get You a Better Career

If you start applying to web design and development jobs without any technical experience, you probably aren’t going to see interview offers flying into your inbox. Here’s the problem – there are tons of hopeful designers out there struggling to find jobs, and tons of employers struggling to fill coding positions. By learning to code, you can turn this problem into an amazing opportunity.

The best part is that you don’t have to go back to school or quit your current job to learn a programming language – you can learn at home in your free time. There are tons of free online resources at your fingertips like Codecademy and SkillShare, or if you prefer to learn in person, sites like Le Wagon can connect you to a local program where you can learn coding from an instructor.

Acquiring the ability to code, whether it’s at the start of your career or in its later stages, shows that you’re capable of performing highly technical work that’s extremely beneficial in any industry that interests you, not just web design. The possibilities are endless.


Greater Flexibility & Independence

If you’re just learning how to design a website, you’re probably using a premade template provided by a web designer. Although there are many high-quality templates out there, they aren’t incredibly flexible.

Knowing how to code gives designers ultimate control in their website’s design. If you learn how to write your own code, no longer will you need to rely on templates. You can design the look of websites completely from scratch. The power is in your hands.

Not only will you be a self-sufficient designer once you know how to code, but you’ll also have the freedom of being able to work on any system no matter where in the world you go. You’ll be able to tackle a project on whatever browser and OS you choose as well as with any program to your liking such as Python and C++.

If you’re a freelancer, you also can expand your business and take on more specific client requests. You can create your own hours, manage your own customers, and design as much as you choose. It’s a much more flexible lifestyle than working for a company in an office.


Is Learning to Code Worth It?

Coding is absolutely worth it – it’s a valuable skill that makes you a more professional, well-rounded, and sought-after job candidate.

Being able to push yourself to this level can seem overwhelming, but when you start, you’ll begin to realize it’s not as impossible to pick up as you thought. Taking initiative, challenging yourself, and becoming an independent player in your field can be as simple as taking an online course in your spare time. Mastering any new skill will take patience and perseverance, but the benefits are lifelong. It will always pay off with new opportunities!

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