Don’t Know the Name of a Font ? Try What Font Is

Have you ever found yourself in a position where you asked yourself “What is the name of this font ?” and needed identify a typeface used somewhere and after countless searches on fonts websites, you just gave up or settled with some alternative that isn’t quite what you were looking for ? If the answer to that question is “Yes” then you need to search no more, try What Font Is.

What Font Is is a free online service for designers that does exactly what the name says, it identifies a font or suggests a good alternative to that font based on an image you upload or give the Url to.

What Font Is

Basically What Font Is allows you as a designer to identify fonts in an image within seconds. The process is pretty simple :

Step 1 : Upload the image

What Font Is image upload

Just select the image containing the font you would like to identify or point to the image by inserting the Url.

You have three options regarding the results and recommended fonts and these are to display only the free fonts, only the commercial fonts and / or alternatives or to show all fonts. Next you need to tell the application whether the background the font is used on is light or dark and whether the text is on one line or the image  has more components per letter.

Step 2 – Letterize

The application identifies each individual letter of the text and a asks you to double-check each letter.

What Font Is letterize

Step 3 – The font and recommendation

After the previous step the website identifies the font used in the image and offers multiple recommendations of similar fonts. If the application is not able to identify the font, if will offer some great alternatives.

What Font Is also has an amazing database of free fonts for download, including over 200.000 typefaces to choose from.

You can also find them on facebook at

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