13 Tips for Creating a Better Portfolio Website

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Having a portfolio website might get you more exposure to potential clients as well as it will make you look  more professional. In this article I am going to show you how to create an effective portfolio website to convince your clients to order your services.  By following these tips you would be able to create a perfect portfolio website.

1. Creative Design

Your portfolio website must be much different from others in the niche. Instead of corporate look it must be having unqiue creative look. There are various options for designing a portfolio website. You can either use lot of images in your portfolio or might consider for a minimal design but in all cases it must show your creativity.

Creatie Portfolio Design

2. Easy to Navigate

Your portfolio site must be easy to navigate so you don’t miss a single client. If you are having a very good portfolio showcase in your website but client can’t access it easily then there is a big possibility that client might refer to another designer.

Easy to Navigate Portfolio Website

3.  Logo Placement

Logo must be placed at top of your portfolio website. It is your brand identity so the visitor must see it in first look at your website. It must be very good looking and stay same, at least for a longer period of time.

Logo Placement in Portfolio Website


4.  Show the Best

Don’t show your full portfolio, instead show only the best of your works. It will make you look much more trusted and professional and will get you good in return.

Show only best designs in portfolio


5. Good Tagline

There must a tagline just below your navigation and logo which must show client what you really do. In first look at your portfolio, client must know much about your skills.

Good Tagline in Portfolio Website


6. Your Profile

Show your profile just below your website tagline. Your profile must contain your bio, your skills and a link to your resume download link. Your profile must show your picture or an avatar depicting your personality. Make your profile very convincing and must tell the client everything about what you do.

Profile Page in Portfolio Web Design


7. Categorize your Work

Categorize your work so client can easily browse your work. Place logos, web designs, web developments etc in different categories. You must use a filterable jquery script for easy categories navigation.

Categories in Portfolio


8. Clear Pricing

Make your pricing clear in your portfolio website or at least give an idea to the client how much you really charge. It will help you to convert more visitors to ask for your services. You can show something like, for a 5 page portfolio website charges are $$… etc.

Pricing in Portfolio Website Design


9.  Design Process

Clients are more often confused about desogm process. I recommend to show your design process on your portfolio so clients can understand you well. Show something like Brife>Wirefram>Design>Coding>Testing…. etc.

Design Process in Portfolio Website Design


10. Show your Uniqueness

There are many freelance web designers around with an eye catching portfolio website. Why not add some uniquness to your portfolio website? Show your uniqeness in your portfolio design, wording and tagline like you are professional at business website design etc.

Uniqueness in Web Design

11. Show Off

Is your portfolio website featured by a big company or you won some awards recently? why not show it off at your portfolio website. It will make you stand out from others.

Show Off as a Web Designer in Portfolio Website


12. Contact Page

There must be a contact page in your portfolio so clients can easily contact you. Add a contact form and all possible contacts on contact page like your office map etc. Insist your clients to contact you by saying something like , say me hello etc.

Contact Page in Portfolio Website Design


13. 1 Page Portfolio

In my opinion you must have a one page portfolio website.  It is because it looks much more beautiful, creative and easy to navigate.


1 Page Portfolio Website Design



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Written by Awais Raza

Awais Raza is a technology enthusiast from Pakistan with strong interest in design, front end coding and blogging. He actively writes on his own blog ( Earning Hustle ) as well as tweet regularly ( @dezicoder ) .

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