This Week on Designer Round-up: BLOKK, Fontface Ninja, Renderforest and more!

It’s midweek and you’re in full steam at work. On this week’s designer round-up, here are some cool links we’d like to share that will hopefully help with whatever you’re doing.

If you’re tired of cutting and pasting dummy copy, try out this new font in your wireframes, BLOKK. On that same note, we’ve got a nifty plugin for font lovers who are obsessed with knowing what each font is, check out Fontface Ninja. We’ve also got some nice tools for you to easily create, chop and share your images and videos like Renderforest and Magisto.

For UI/UX designers, here’s a nifty tool called Armature for building user interfaces in Adobe Illustrator. Lastly, if you’ve been bitten by the travel bug or if you’re a budding filmmaker, explore cities via creative videos on Crop the Block.


blok font

Tired of the usual Lorem opossums? BLOKK is a font for quick mock-ups and wireframing for clients who do not understand latin.



The ultimate platform for creating videos, Renderforest is a collection of stunning videos and music you won’t find anywhere else. Simply add text and let Renderforest take care of the rest. The platform is optimized for all desktop and mobile devices.

Crop the Block

crop the block

Explore cities through creative videos made by a community of great local filmmakers from cities including Tel Aviv, Sao Paulo, Berlin and Paris.



Magisto is a fun and easy way to share your video memories with your friends. Just shoot and upload your videos and photos and Magisto turns them into beautifully edited Movies, complete with music and effects, in minutes. And it’s all done automatically, in a click!



Armature is the ultimate wireframing extension for Adobe Illustrator. Conceptualize and build web and mobile layouts quickly with ready-made objects for just about everything. Armature’s well-organized, fully searchable library contains headers, footers, menus, tabs, toggles, tooltips, placeholders, content blocks, form elements and even complete layouts—the list goes on. Check out the full list of objects!

Fontface Ninja

designer round up fontfaceninja

Fontface Ninja is a Chrome/Safari extension that helps designers explore font faces from websites. Test it out, if you like it, download the font, but remember, if you really like the font then buy it! Yet another cool tool for designers.

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