Watch & Learn: Why Your Website’s Focal Content Should be Video

Statistics show that YouTube is now the second most popular social networking site; with 1.5 billion users just behind Facebook’s 2.1 billion. These figures provided by DreamGrow show that video content is leading the way far beyond static photography – even Facebook timelines are now filled with video.

Even the world’s most popular photo-sharing platform, Instagram, has just 800 million users; around half the volume of YouTube’s. Tellingly, Instagram is also filled with moving pictures, via its hugely popular Stories and Boomerang add-ons, plus video-snippet sharing capabilities on its regular grid.

So – it’s safe to say that video is the internet’s most engaging and engaged-with content. Does your website reflect this? If not, you need to act now. Here’s all the reasons why you should bring your site and therefore your business up-to-date, before the latest upgrade of the digital age renders you obsolete.


  1. It’s vital for SEO

Google is always watching – and it sees that people love watching video. We humans are arguably lazy creatures, who will always prefer to be explained to rather than attempt to read and understand things ourselves. This is a primary reason for YouTube’s meteoric rise, and therefore why people choose to visit sites with high video content. Search engines register that people stay on pages much longer where videos are present, and voila – sites featuring lots of videos are bumped up to top spots in search results. We all know by now that top rankings equal more visits and more business. What does this mean? You guessed it. Your site needs video, front and centre.


  1. Stand out from the crowd

Having said this, there are still hundreds of thousands of sites that have not cottoned on to this trend. Getting ahead of the crowd now by creating video content for your site will likely see your site leap in rankings, easily surpassing your competitors. Offer a video counterpart for every (or as many as possible) page that features lots of text – your audience then has the option to either read or watch. Variety is the spice of life! What’s more is that expanding your internet footprint by joining YouTube to host your videos is a win-win – you’re inviting wider audiences with every new place where people can find out about your business.


  1. Disperse the content

As we said, expanding your digital presence is great for business. Uploading video to YouTube means that you can easily embed and share it elsewhere; so that people can find, know and organically spread your stories further. The better the content, the more shareable it is, and the more potential customers will engage with you.


  1. Increase sales

All this exposure and new custom means an increase in sales, more revenue, and larger profits. Just by simple expansion into moving pictures. The process may not be easy – planning and directing content, hiring equipment, and editing does cost money – but we guarantee it will come with huge rewards and returns. For this purpose, you might consider hiring a new staff member who specialises in media production.


Diversify with animation

Everyone in your office camera-shy? We know a solution for that too. Video content doesn’t have to feature people. As long as it explains your message thoroughly and in a shorter time than reading the same information would, spoken words, song, cartoon, animation, and similar works just the same. This is a faster and indeed cheaper method than getting actors, lighting, and camera equipment – all you need is a digital video editor. If this still sounds out of your skillset, there are plenty of media agencies out there that can help you break into this area. WebMotion Media, an SEO agency in Portsmouth, UK, is leading the way for promoting video content for marketing and SEO across the south coast of England. Contact them for bespoke advice on how best to market your business via video, to outrun all your competitors. Ready, set, go.

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